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Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Links (12/5)

Happy Friday, folks. Here's a quick batch of links to help you kill some time before your weekend kicks off...

-- Rodney Garner isn't expecting a call, but he says he'd be interested in the Auburn job if anyone were to express some interest in him.

-- Syracuse interviewed a former Georgia assistant for its head coaching vacancy.

-- The AJC gives us the argument for Willie Martinez, while Dawg Sports makes the case against him.

-- Mark Weiszer examines Georgia's interest in another round of JuCo recruits.

-- I thought these stats from Get the Picture were pretty interesting, while Sen. Blutarski also offers some thoughts on the SEC championship game.

-- TotalUGA catches up with UGA recruit Zach Mettenberger.

-- The Red & Black writes that the Gym Dogs are getting ready for Suzanne Yoculan's final season.

-- Big mustache news: Brad Pitt is hoping to take the mustache to new heights, while the Huffington Post declares 2008 to be the year of the mustache.

-- So remember last week when Loyola Maryland held Stephen Curry without a point while losing to Davidson by 30? Well, Loyola's coach got some heat for his defensive strategy, and he responded by writing a rather interesting letter to PTI hosts Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser.


Anonymous said...

They always say that it’s a bad sign when your rival is happy that about hwat you are doing (ie Alabama is happy Tuberville is gone at Aub)

On that same note, I take it as a terrible sign that Terrence Moore is defending Martinez…

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nothing Garner. Wonder how many recruits we will lose after you opened your piehole about the AU job.

Although it might be a good time to hit the road, since quite a few of your prized recruits have been duds for the Dawgs over the years.