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Monday, December 22, 2008

If It's This Bad Now...

I think the header of this post just about sums up everyone's thoughts on the Georgia Bulldogs basketball team at this point.

Saturday, a last-second 3 by Zac Swansey gave the Dawgs a miracle win against a bad team.

Monday, a last-second 3 by Kevin Palmer gave a bad team a miracle win against Georgia.

When a half-court heave is the difference in two games against two bad teams, I'm fairly certain that the transitive properties of mathematics dictate that Georgia, too, is a bad team.

Coming into tonight's game, Texas A&M-Coprus Christi had six more letters in its acronym than wins on the road. TAMU-CC had never beaten an SEC team. They had just come off a loss to Savannah State in which they scored a whopping 42 points.

I actually just looked up TAMU-CC's schedule so far on and their wins are against the following: AMKN, JSU, UNCW, SEU and AMI. I have absolutely no clue what those initials stand for for four of those five teams.

For Georgia, the past two games were at home against teams the Bulldogs should have beaten easily. Worse yet, they were after a nearly two-week break in which Coach Dennis Felton said the team was able to get healthy and focus on its offense.

I'm not entirely sure what they practice during that offensive focus, but free throws probably should have been a point of emphasis. Georgia was 21-31 for the game from the stripe, and had Dustin Ware drained the second of two free throws in the game's final seconds, this dreadful loss may have been avoided.

Here's the thing for Felton right now: The tourney run last season bought him some slack from fans, but not this much. Had the young Bulldogs made it to SEC play with three losses and improved as the year went along, he probably would have escaped the hot seat for most of the year.

This, however, is ugly. True, Terrence Woodbury has been sidelined with bone spurs in both ankles, but Georgia's first five guys off the bench are better than TAMU-CC's starting five. There is just no excuse for consecutive performances like Georgia has had the past two games.

I'm not saying Georgia needs to make a coaching change, but the temperature on Felton's seat is already through the roof, and if it's this bad now...


andy h said...

no...GA does need to make a coaching change.

no excuse with losses also to Layola of Chicago.

the tourney win probably did more long-term harm to the program than help because it kept felton around.

-i was at the tournament, and it definitely showed that the players won those games-not the coach.

Anonymous said...

If Damon Evans wants our football coaches to "be on par with Florida" then he needs to BE ON PAR WITH JEREMY FOLEY AND FIX OUR BASKETBALL PROGRAM. Any more Florida comparisons, Mr Evans?

Ben said...

I don't doubt Damon Evans' commitment to the overall excellence of our athletic program. There is no doubt that Coach Felton would have been gone after last season had it not been for the SEC tourney. We just built a 20 million dollar basketball facility, but we have a nickel and dime coach to run the program. There has to be a change.