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Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Links (12/8)

It's a bit of a somber morning for me. It's the day in which I bid a farewell to my 2008 fantasy football team. There was absolutely nothing redeeming about this year, and as I do around this time each season, I wonder why it is I continue to do this to myself each year. I garner no enjoyment from it, it ruins my football season (or at least the part that hasn't already been ruined by Andy Reid and the Eagles), and yet I'm certain I'll be excited about drafting a team again next year. I am not smart.

OK, on to some links...

-- As I'm sure you've heard by now, Georgia will be heading to Orlando to take on Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has an early look at Michigan State and Chip Towers wonders how excited fans will be for this matchup.

-- Meanwhile, Get the Picture writes about some of the other more intriguing bowl matchups.

-- Augusta's Scott Michaux writes that fans need to look past the flaws of the BCS.

-- has a piece on Mohamed Massaquoi's standout senior season.

-- If you like your college football with a healthy dose of American introspection, check out this piece by the Wall Street Journal on the South's dominance over the CFB landscape.

-- Things are not looking good for the Georgia men's hoops team.

-- Hey, here's something UGA can beat Tech in this year.

-- Oh, and speaking of Tech, the Montgomery Advertiser says Auburn might be interested in hiring Paul Johnson to fill its coaching vacancy.

-- The professor who blew the whistle on special treatment given to UGA athletes has died.

-- We're a forgiving country, so I've always thought Michael Vick would get a second chance. But boy, he sure hasn't made it very easy on himself.

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