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Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Links (12/12)

Hey folks. Happy Friday. I have a meeting this morning, so only time for a handful of links...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on Asher Allen's quietly productive season.

-- The AJC has a piece on Neland Ball, who hopes next year will be far better for him than this season was.

-- Speaking of next year, this is a big recruiting weekend for Georgia.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press talks with Matthew Stafford, who says he won't let a possible future in Detroit (where the Lions are currently 0-13) affect his decision to turn pro.

-- Meanwhile, Michigan State's Javon Ringer has his sites clearly set on Georgia, hoping to run for 200 yards against the Bulldogs. (Feel free to insert your own snide comment about the UGA defense at the end.)

-- I'm now convinced: Tim Tebow should win his second Heisman. This final bit of convincing came courtesy of ESPN's Chris Low, who illustrates the drastic difference in schedule strength. Did you know that Tebow has faced six defenses ranked in the top 25? McCoy and Bradford COMBINED have faced one. In fact, all but one of Tebow's opponents (Arkansas) is ranked higher in total defense than McCoy's BEST opponent.

-- Get the Picture looks further at the Big XII's awful scheduling.

-- And finally, this doesn't have much to do with anything, but it's just one of those stories I found amusing (particularly as it's written by an ex-Cub).


BCS-Sucks said...

SEC defenses this year are statistically boosted due to facing horrible offenses. Vice versa for B12 defenses.

Doing statistical comparisons between B12 and SEC units this year is like doing a statistical comparison between Arena Football League and Canadian Football League units. Basically meaningless.

(I would vote for Tebow for Heisman as well though, fwiw.)

Anonymous said...

Here is a vote not to give Tebow anything. He is over rated and not listed on anyone's potential pro quarterback list. If you want to vote him best rushing fullback, sure. He did not deserve the heisman last year either. He is not the best player in college football.

Anonymous said...

BCS-Sucks got to it before me. The SEC defenses this year were fashioned against offenses that are differing degrees of horrible. For the record, look how they all did against Florida, which is the only offense in the same league as Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, or Missouri's in the SEC.

Anonymous, you're right: he won the Heisman last year, largely, because Dennis Dixon's ACL couldn't hold up for the entire season and McFadden took a couple of games off. And he shouldn't get it this year when there are three (3) QBs that have had better years--yes, Graham Harrell should be at the ceremony, forget system QB he's just as much a system QB as Tebow is. It is absolutely sickening the hype he gets for being such the 'greatest player of our era' when he should be in line behind some others from the past few years (Vince Young? Reggie Bush? Matt Leinart?).

Anonymous said...

I echo the earlier comments. Chris Low's analysis is statistical noise. 6 Big 12 offenses are in the top 12 while only two SEC offenses rank in the top 21. Is that because SEC defenses are so stout or because only two QBs in the conference are in the same league with McCoy Bradford Daniels and Harrell? Does Low really think the only good athletes at Texas or Ok are on the offensive side of the ball. Horse crap.

PNWDawg said...

When discussing Tebow I must add the only logic I find appropriate is to look at the crowd he pals around with. I.e. he's a Gaytor and deserves no credit. If I had cancer and he had the only cure I would go ahead and sign my will.