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Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Links (12/15)

Have you realized it's Dec. 15 already? I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that, with a mere 16 days to go, I haven't accomplished nearly as much in 2008 as I'd hoped. I'm sure I'll get that novel written in '09 though.

In the meantime, here's a good way to waste a bit more of your year: Today's links...

-- I have a story on the impact of Georgia's discipline problems this season in today's Telegraph. Don't forget to check out Part 2 of my interview with Damon Evans on the blog, too.

-- While Georgia's coaches have been busy wooing recruits this weekend, prized quarterback recruit Zach Mettenberger has been busy working on a few others, too.

-- Total UGA has a story on Rennie Curran's huge impact this season.

-- The Red & Black's Jason Butt has a story on Richard Samuel's roller-coaster rookie season in Athens, and also has a Q&A with cornerback Asher Allen.

-- Mark Weiszer adds fuel to the fire of fans angry with Georgia's assistant coaches with this summary of the bonuses they'll get this season for making the Capital One Bowl.

-- The Banner-Herald also has an in-depth look at Matthew Stafford's impending decision regarding the NFL.

-- So, sure, there are some negatvie UGA fans out there, but Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press puts things into perspective saying Michigan State needs a miracle to beat the Bulldogs.

-- From what I'm told, Gene Chizik's arrival in Auburn went smoothly, which is more than you can say for the welcome Jay Jacobs got on Saturday.

-- The good folks over at Dawg Sports list 10 better candidates for the Auburn job than Chizik.

-- Georgia Sports Blog does a nice job of explaining why this hire for Auburn will have a big effect on Georgia -- beyond the possible departures of Rodney Garner or Stacy Searels (which I still don't think will happen).

-- Speaking of warm welcomes... Say what you want about George Bush's politics, but you have to be impressed with his reaction time. I would love to see this with that "Matrix"-style camera angles. Plus, who throws a shoe? I mean, really.

-- So you know how I have that theory that ESPN does whatever it can to promote Brett Favre? And you know how I have that theory that Tim Tebow is college football's Brett Favre? And you know how so many Georgia fans think Tebow is unnecessarily hyped by the media? Well, y'all should enjoy THIS.

-- Speaking of Tebow, he joins Mel Kiper in this ESPN podcast in which they talk about Tebow's draft future.

-- Finally, AFI released its top 10 films of 2008, of which I had seen zero up until last week when I rented "Dark Knight" and "Iron Man." Any of you seen some of the others? Any good recommendations?

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