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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Links (12/27)

Just got in from practice. I'll have some notes posted a bit later this afternoon, along with some video (assuming we can get the $16-per-day Internet access to work).

A few other interesting notes from the first 15 hours of my time in Orlando:

-- The customers at the Perkins in Gainesville, Fla. are a truly miserable lot.

-- Fiji water in the hotel mini bar costs $10. Beer costs $5. In this economy, it's like the people at Marriott are forcing me to get drunk.

-- There's a phone in the bathroom in my hotel room, which is convenient for wake-up calls in case you pass out in the tub.

Just a few links for today...

-- The AJC looks at the matchup between Knowshon Moreno and Javon Ringer to find out who is better.

-- Since I know you all enjoy critiquing Bleacher Report, I'll add this post, where BR gives Brian Van Gorder the Chick Norris treatment.

-- Georgia Sports blog wonders how Michigan State plans to stop the Dawgs' high octane offense.

-- Michigan State is feeling a bit more confident in its DBs' ability to slow down Georgia's passing attack.

-- The Examiner compares the football seasons at UGA and Tech.

-- The guy who played Johnny Cakes on "The Sopranos" died, thus depriving the world of another great mustache.

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