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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bulletin Board Fodder

Looking for a little something to get you riled up for Thursday's game? Well, Michigan State's players were kind enough to add a small amount of bulletin board material before the game...

Linebacker Adam Decker on who Georgia reminds him of (notice, it's not Penn State): "I would have to say (Georgia is) probably closer to Ohio State. They ve got talented linemen, they ve got a talented running back, but then they ve got good receivers, too, that they kind of like to throw it deep to. In that sense, they re unique in that they throw a lot more deep passes than most of the teams we ve played this year, and obviously, being from the SEC, they're going to bring a different style to it, too."

OK, that wasn't too mean, but it can't be fun to be compared to a team that has had its doors blown off in bowl games the past two years. But it gets better...

Cornerback Ross Weaver on stopping A.J. Green: I don t approach him any different at all. Even though he s a freshman, he can make plays. I don t go at him acting like he s a freshman. I m going to get all up in his head."

But here's the kicker, I think, from tight end Charlie Gantt:
"They've been playing with some injuries, but if you just come out and hit them in the mouth every play, they'll back up a little bit. They're real good in pursuit, but if you come right at them, I think that's our advantage."


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that's what the Bama players said before that game - and they were right. But I think Bama is a good bit better than MSU.

Anonymous said...

I dont really see anything that would be worthy of bein called fodder...I have always found Big 10 programs to be quite classy in their approach...unless of course they are playing each other....then it gets nasty