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Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Links (12/12)

I spent Sunday in Birmingham, where it was freezing. Today, I'm flying to Delaware, where the bitter cold comes with a side of rain. And four years after I left, I'm still asking myself why I ever moved from San Diego. Ugh.

Well, hopefully many of you are keeping warm and enjoying some holiday vacation. If so, here are a few links to help you fill you free time...

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a piece on the possibilit that Mohamed Massaquoi and A.J. Green could each top 1,000 yards.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald offers four ways for Georgia to fix its problems and takes a look at the depleted linebacking corps.

-- T Kyle King offers a well-deserved tribute to Mohamed Massaquoi.

-- The Detroit News says the Lions should steer clear of Matthew Stafford in favor of some defensive help, while Suite 101 thinks Stafford might be the obvious choice for the Lions.

-- The AJC has some info on Georgia's next great QB recruit.

-- The Newnan Times Herald remembers former Bulldog Pete Case.

-- Daugman takes a moment to enjoy Zac Swansey's heroics against Wofford.

-- Georgia Sports Blog takes a bit more tongue-in-cheek approach to the Wofford game.

-- TAM-CC is excited about its trip to Georgia tonight.

-- And finally, for you sick puppies with a strong stomach who missed it, you can watch Southern Miss's DeAndre Brown's awful injury on You Tube.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a nasty break. I saw ESPN say it was too graphic to show on television so I was curious. I'm curious if any who knows more about injuries--
It looks like it broke when his foot came down before he fell. So is the break from twisting (wouldn't that damage the knee instead?), or perhaps he had fractured it earlier in the game? Surely just running wouldn't have broken it like that?

David Hale said...

That was my first thought too -- although I'm certainly no doctor. I think it's fairly common though to have a minor stress fracture and not know about it for a while. I actually had a friend break his arm lifting light weights for exactly that reason.