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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Know Your Spartans

Don't know much about Michigan State? Not to worry. The Telegraph's Jay Adams sat down with Spartans offensive lineman Joel Nitchman to get a few answers.

Jay Adams: If you had a chance to tell Georgia fans about your team and about your school, what would you tell them?

Joel Nitchman: That s a good question. I ve never heard one like that. We re No. 1 in Criminal Justice, No. 1 in Secondary Education. We have 80,000 fans who come to our stadium every Saturday. We rank in the top 25 in attendance. Our Sparty statue, we have a battle between us and Michigan during Rivalry Week. We have to protect it or else they ll come over and steal it. They never get at it, but our band protects it, which is kind of a cool tradition. Overall, it s a great school, and I m sure Georgia is, as well.

JA: Everybody talks about the SEC on Saturdays and the atmospheres at those schools. What s a Saturday like at Michigan State?

JN: One of the best places to be as a fan. Tailgating around a five-mile radius, it s packed everywhere on Saturdays. In my mind, it doesn t get more electric than East Lansing on a Saturday.

JA: I know it s pretty cold back home. How are you adjusting to the Orlando weather?

JN: That first day it was pretty tough. It was real humid and hot. The second day, I was surprised it was a lot easier. I think our bodies, as we work and continue to work hard, our bodies just kind of acclimate to it.

JA: Who s the one player besides Javon Ringe r that Georgia fans need to keep an eye on?

JN: Look for Brian Hoyer (6-3, 215, Sr., QB). He s our leader. He s been there for two years now. Look for him. He s a great player and great leader.

JA: Gonna put the shorts away when you get back home?

JN: Yeah. I don t want to, but I m going to have to.

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