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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

B-ham News Reports Tuberville Out

Rather than rewrite and relink to everything that the fine folks over at Georgia Sports Blog have already done, I'll just forward you over there.

Long story short though, it looks like Tommy Tuberville is out at Auburn. Reports have mentioned Mike Leach, who was interviewing with Washington today and apparently has a contract extension on the table at Texas Tech, along with Paul Johnson and (cue laugh track) Bobby Petrino. Oh, how I would love for Petrino to take that job.

In any case, if Tuberville really is out, go ahead and start the drum beat for him to take over for Willie Martinez if you must. I have no doubt the rumors will start, but I'm still holding firm that Willie will be back -- regardless of who else is available.


Anonymous said...

Just put Tubs on staff somehow!

Watson said...

Petrino is not eligible to take the Auburn job due to a stipulation in his contract that says he can't leave Ark to go to another SEC West school.

blackertai said...

I don't think Richt will slap Martinez in the face by demoting him and putting Tubs in as DC. It would be great, but never happen.

Anonymous said...

if coach richt were to find a way to hire Tubs as DC it would be the greatest coaching hiring coup ever. and the dawgs would be VERY good as a result.

if tuberville has ANY interest at all (and we need to ask) then coach richt should offer him the job. the reward is worth the risk. what's the worst thing that could happen? martinez gets mad and quits and we hire someone better? win/win. offer tubs the job!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how a coach like Tuberville, who's had success as head coach at a premier school, would take a non-head coach position now. It's a nice thought, but no way.

Robert said...

Love the facebook photo DH.

Spot on.