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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Links (5/6)

I hate Brett Favre.

Now links...

-- Tim Tucker gets some facts on the possibility of Georgia playing a game in the Georgia Dome in 2010.

-- Yesterday I linked to a rather pointless early look at the top 25. Dancing in the End Zone actually adds some semblance of rationale to the discussion by giving us a more well-reasoned top 25 -- one in which Georgia does surprisingly well.

-- The Banner-Herald writes that Georgia will need to rely heavily on its offensive line this season.

-- Julio Jones has gone under the knife three times this offseason.

-- OK, so maybe Corch Meyers didn't have all his facts exactly right.

-- Two softball players took home weekly SEC honors.

-- I met a member of the equestrian team yesterday and promised her more coverage. I'm assuming linking to a story in the Red & Black counts.

-- This is why people hate the Yankees.

-- 960 the Ref talks to Braves prospect Kris Medlen, who should be getting a call up (along with his buddy Tommy Hanson) soon.

-- Georgia Sports Blog talks about an off-topic issue that is close to my heart.

-- The Guardian has a profile on the former star of "The Wire" and arch nemesis of Michael Scott, Idris Elba.

-- First Jerry Reed and now Dom Deluise. It's been a bad year to be a Burt Reynolds co-star.

-- An interesting story for history buffs or art lovers: Turns out Van Gogh probably didn't cut off his own ear.

-- And finally, on the day the show comes to a (likely) end, the AV Club talks with "Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence.

Also, for those of you in Macon, don't forget that Mark Richt and Mark Fox will be in town today. I'll be there for the event, and I'll also be on Bill Shanks' show sometime between 4 and 5.


Brett said...

Amen to the farve comment I'm ashamed my name is Brett ha

Matt said...

David Hale-

What would be your top 25 preseason poll? How would you rank the SEC for the East and West races? Who do you think will be the sneaky team that could win it all?

Just curious. If anything, it'll give you more things to write about....