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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Video Blog: Richt on Motivation

One fan at last week's Bulldogs Club meeting in Macon asked Mark Richt the question virtually all Bulldogs fans have been wondering: What is he doing to make sure the Dawgs beat Florida in 2009? Richt mostly dodged the question, but he did discuss the team's motivations for the upcoming season.


Tommy said...


Do you get the sense that Richt is dismissing Jax as a neutral site game so that players will think of it as a road game (a setting in which Richt et al have been vastly more successful)?

If we're taking the same attitude to Jacksonville that we've taken to Baton Rouge and Knoxville, then fine. But I'll be damned if we let ourselves get run out of Jacksonville. When it actually was called the "the Gator Bowl," we owned the joint.

David Hale said...

Great point, Tommy. I think there certainly could be some psychological impact to Richt's comments. And honestly, I think the psychological outlook the players have had on that game has certainly not helped them in the past, so maybe a new way of approaching it is just what the doctor ordered.