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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charles' Goals Are All About Team

Orson Charles plans on accomplishing big things at Georgia, and he can hardly contain his excitement to get started. But when it comes to setting goals for his freshman season, No. 1 on his list has little to do with touchdowns or receiving yards. He's just trying to make friends.

"The first thing is getting to know my teammates and remember that it's not all about me, it's about my teammates," Charles said. "We've got to bond to be able to play together."

With that in mind, Charles has taken a lead role in staying in contact with his fellow incoming freshmen, and he doesn't mind talking up the success he thinks each could have -- including fellow tight end Arthur Lynch.

While the two might be competing for snaps as freshmen, Charles said he sees Lynch as a complimentary piece rather than competition. Each offers unique skills that when added together make for a dangerous combination.

"That's what makes this class unique is we all bring something different to the table," Charles said. "We're more complete this year. I bring something different and Arthur brings something different."

There are a few other personal goals Charles said he has established for himself this year, but they aren't anything too outlandish. It's his team goals that really get him excited.

"A personal goal is I don't want to have any dropped balls, any missed assignments, I don't want to be butting heads with any of my teammates," he said. "From there, if I've got to sit to have us win, that's all I want is to win. If we beat Florida -- I mean, when we beat Florida -- even if I'm on the bench I'm celebrating like I started. That's my whole mind-set."

And it's a mind-set he hasn't been shy about sharing with the huge contingent of Florida fans in his hometown of Tampa. Charles said he gets plenty of taunting about Georgia's 49-10 defeat at the hands of the Gators a year ago, but despite the fact that he hasn't played a snap yet for the Bulldogs, he's been happy to offer a healthy dose of trash talk in return.

"Man, there's a lot of people that are Florida fans around here," Charles said, "but I'm just saying, just make sure you come to Jacksonville because we're going to put on a show. We're not going to just lay down because of what y'all did last year. We're coming this year, so just make sure you're ready."


Carolina Dawg said...

I like this kid more and more everytime I read something about him.

Anonymous said...

Orson is the man. Huge pull for Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I met Orson during recruiting and he's every bit as great a kid in person as he appears in print. Plant HS must have something in the water; both he and Aaron Murray are really well grounded guys, as is Murray's older brother who's walking on after retiring from pro baseball. These guys will be great assets to the program in the locker room as well as on the field.