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Monday, May 18, 2009

Owens: We're Underrated

After all the hype that surrounded Georgia a year ago, the silence this season is deafening.

With the majority of the Bulldogs' stars departing for the NFL, the expectations aren't so high this season -- in fact, Mark Richt admits that it's nearly impossible to gauge how good the 2009 Dawgs might be -- but at least one of Georgia's veterans thinks a few more folks should be excited about this year's team.

"I think this is the most underrated team since I've been here," defensive tackle Jeff Owens said. "I think this team has a lot of doubters out there, and people think we've fallen off since we've lost (Matthew) Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. The one quote I always say is 'Tradition Never Graduates.' We have a rich tradition here."

But Owens isn't just talking about some dusty old traditions. He honestly thinks this year's team could be dominant -- every bit as good as last year's squad was supposed to be, but for exactly the opposite reasons.

"It doesn't matter who's the best team, it matters who's the best team on that field," Owens said. "If we go out and play Georgia football, no team can stop us, in my opinion. I feel like we have a lot of great talent and a lot of great young guys. We have a hell of a defensive line. I think this team is going to be controlled by the lineman play. If the offensive line plays great and the defensive line plays great, we'll be unstoppable."


Anonymous said...

What a DGD. If he gets me excited about next year every time he speaks I can only imagine the kind of effect he's having on the team. So glad to have him as one of our leaders next year.

Anonymous said...


I think Owens and Atkins have a chance of both being top 15 picks next year. That would be the second year in a row for the dogs.

What do you think?

David Hale said...

I think unless Geno pulls a Quinton Moses, he's definitely a top-half of the first round guy. Jeff certainly could be, but remains to be seen how he comes back from the injury. Plus, even if he plays well, you never know how much NFL scouts will figure the injury into their analysis (the draft, after all, is really four months of nitpicking followed by one day of player picking). I'd guess Owens is more likely a late-first or early-second guy if he has a good season, but probably way too early to tell.

Bill in Sandy Springs said...

I have to agree with Owens. Georgia is definitely flying under the radar this offseason. Maybe that is a good thing? Provided they stay healthy(knock on wood), I really think the Dawgs could shock some people this season. Last winter through the summer so much was made of the depth Georgia had and then the season came with all of those injuries. It easy to forget that. I would really like to see them play healthy because I think they could prove alot of their doubters wrong.

Anonymous said...

If our defense and defensive line play the way we have for years, we are not underrated. Each year we show the same tendencies and the other coaches have caught on. Our defensive line gets into postion early which allows the other team (including the Gators) to get an adjustment from the side line, confirm their blocking assignments and move te ball on us. You can have a lot of talent, but if you are out coached you are screwed. It is all of the defensive coaches who need to be shaken up.

Anonymous said...

Not entirely true anonymous 8:17 p.m. It is true that every year it seems, we have that one hiccup we are not supposed to but last year was the only year I remember our defense didn't have consistent solid performances for a extended period of time. Its easy to forget because of last year that just the year before that we lead the SEC in sacks and had a dominate offensive line. Our defense is dominate when our defensive line is dominate. There is no better DT tandem in America better than Owens and Atkins in my opinion. If we can get even a little bit of a consistent pass rush from the outside, this defensive has the possibility to be just as good as the 07 line. The offensive line from 07 is fully healthy and back once we get Trinton back in the fold, who people forget is our best offensive lineman. I look for them to be much improved this year also. I think this team will be better than last year and they will prove it when they play Oklahoma State.


Yo! Good stuff and great to hear about the linemen. Oh yeah, I'm stealing your "tradition never graduates"

David Hale said...

Well, technically it's Jeff's, but I'm pretty sure he stole it too. Besides, it's the Internet. Anything can be stolen.

Anonymous said...

Owens never really stole it as you can see he states "the one quote" so he is quoting somebody. I agree with him. To me this is a much better team than last year. We lack the star power but remember knowshon busted to the scene as an unknown. I am sure some Dawgs will be ready for the challenge. GO DAWGS!!!!!