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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The QB Killer Awaits

So much for The Three Amigos. Jeff Owens has followed the lead of such luminaries as Shaq, Diddy and Prince, and he would now appreciate it if everyone would refer to him by his new name: The QB Killer.

"We had a little transition," Owens said. "Kade (Weston) is Albert Haynesworth, Geno (Atkins) is Tommy Harris, Neland (Ball) is (Kyle)Vandenbosh, Deangelo (Tyson) is Darnell Dockett and I'm QB Killer."

There may be a touch of overconfidence there, but it's hard to blame Owens. After spending all of last season on the sideline, he's got some aggression he's ready to get out, and opposing quarterbacks will have to pay the price.

"I think I'm going to be a new and improved Jeff Owens," he said. "I believe I'm going to be more vocal and be a big-time leader of this team and I'm going to start by killing quarterbacks."

Owens says he's close to 100 percent, but he isn't quite sure when he'll be cleared to go full speed. When it happens, he'll be adding a big weapon to an already impressive interior line for Georgia's defense -- a unit that expects to make a number of quarterbacks nervous in 2009.

Of course, after losses to Florida and Georgia Tech, fans might have a couple of QBs in mind they'd like to see Owens introduce himself to, but the senior tackle said he's not getting ahead of himself.

"I'm just focusing on Oklahoma State first," he said.


Anonymous said...

Really nice to have some senior leadership this year. Hope he can have a reality check with Houston! Go Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Ask Jamarcus Russell what he'd call the former Mr. Owens