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Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Links (5/18)

Happy Monday, folks. Hope everyone is refreshed from a relaxing weekend and is ready to get back to the grind. Before we get to some links though, I wanted to say congrats to friends of the blog, Brian and Lizz, who got engaged over the weekend. Congratulations, guys.

-- Speaking of good relationships (OK, that was a pretty forced segue), I had a story in the Telegraph over the weekend on the strong bonds between Nick Williams and Darryl Gamble that have helped both make big improvements on the field. I know we've talked a lot about how players need to step up to keep each other out of trouble, so it's really good to hear comments like Gamble's, particularly in light of last week's suspensions.

-- The Charlotte Observer has a great story about the inspiration former UGA kicker John Kasay got from a high school coach in Athens, and how Kasay now tries to provide that same inspiration for young people today.

-- Kyle King responds to the responders in his latest post about the merits of the Jim Donnan era at Georgia.

-- While others debate Jim Donnan's impact, 960 the Ref talks with the man himself.

-- ESPN's Chris Low picks an emerging star on offense and defense for each SEC team. Probably not a good sign for UGA that its defensive selection will be suspended for the first two games.

-- Mark Fox has landed the leading scorer from Tennessee State for his final two years, after Gerald Robinson Jr. said he planned to transfer.

-- On the downside of hoops, however, Chris Barnes found himself in a minor bit of legal trouble.

-- Regardless of recent news, fans in Savannah let Mark Fox know that he had his work cut out for him .

-- Georgia's softball team headed to Super Regionals in grand style, after a walk off home run from Megan Wiggins.

-- Georgia's bid for another tennis national title came up short against Texas over the weekend.

-- Whatever mid-week boost the team got from its win over Georgia Tech at Turner Field went out the window this weekend, as South Carolina finished the sweep over Georgia, which has now lost 11 of its last 13 games.

-- The Diamond Dogs will kick off the SEC baseball tourament against Ole Miss.

-- If you're like me and can spend hours being entertained by looking through old baseball cards, you'll no doubt find this post interesting. I'm 99 percent sure I have that Frank Thomas card somewhere.

-- And finally, last week I linked to what is sure to be the blockbuster hit of the summer, Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Well, the news doesn't stop there. People Magazine talks with the movie's star, Debbie Gibson.


QRSUV (see, its not the same is it?) said...

Could you please refer to "Kyle King" as "T. Kyle King?" As a reader of the Red and Black back in the day, "Kyle King" will always be "T. Kyle King" to me.

David Hale said...

Consider it done!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt you give the best links of any Dawg site.

I find myself reading every non-Lost story. I'd be interested in 'Lie to Me' related television links.

Dawgbone is great, but you giving the lead of the story makes me want to read everyone.

Thanks much