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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Links (5/27)

Day 2 in Destin doesn't appear that it will have the same fireworks as Day 1... not that there were really anything more than media-created fireworks. Boy, we sure do love a good story. Truth is, Lane Kiffin speaks his mind and, in some cases, doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Urban Meyer doesn't like him -- or anyone? -- but will wait until September before unleashing his venom. Steve Spurrier doesn't like everyone else getting all the attention, so he steps in with a few extra words of wisdom, too. And the whole thing really adds up to nothing more than a minor bit of entertainment at an event that otherwise keeps the media waiting around in hallways for someone to talk to.

So, since I'm slightly bored (for now) and about to get some breakfast, let's look at some links...

-- Yes, Spurrier "confronted" Kiffin yesterday, but from what I saw (and granted, it wasn't all of it) it was all in fun and there didn't seem to be any real anger.

-- One order of business from yesterday: Georgia is trying to get rid of an SEC rule that is helping Georgia Tech get a leg up on recruiting.

-- Rex Robinson checks in with some advice for overly critical Georgia fans. By the way, if you aren't reading Rex's blog, you absolutely should be. It's routinely enlightening.

-- Bubba N Earl remind us that we're closing in on double-digit days until kickoff and they take a look back at what's happened in Athens so far this offseason. If only they could have had this narrated by the guy who says, "Previously, on Lost..." (By the way, for those of you who must watch your "Lost" in HD, it's coming to Blu-Ray.)

-- Chris Low looks at the backup quarterbacks around the SEC and after reviewing the list, I'd have to put Georgia's situation among the best of them.

-- Blutarski points out another reason Florida could be scary good in 2009. I also owe the Senator a debt of thanks for bringing this quote by Percy Harvin to our attention. Great stuff.

-- The All Pro Dad event that Tony Dungy was in Athens to promote last month is set for June 20 for those of you interested. I'll try to track down some more details, too.

-- One of my all-time favorite interviews, Tra Battle, was released by the Cowboys. I feel bad for him, but I'm glad a guy I like is no longer playing for Dallas.

-- 960 the Ref talks with David Perno, who doesn't pull any punches in his discussion of Georgia's chances in the regionals.

-- Georgia's golfers share the lead in the NCAA tournament after Day 1.

-- Interesting information from Facebook (if utterly unscientific) about which states spend the most time on the site discussing college football.

-- Kiplinger's ranks Athens among the best places to live in America.

-- I can't say I know much about her qualifications, but the new Supreme Court nominee has certainly had a major impact on the sports world -- including college football.

-- If you just graduated with a journalism degree, you already know you're screwed. But if you're looking to get into sports management, things aren't much better. Not surprisingly, these have been my two main endeavors since college.

-- And finally, check out the winners of the national beard and mustache competition.

OK, back to work for me. I'll have a bunch more posts today, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

David- I agree totally about our QB situation. I was pretty surprised to see us at #6 and not higher. If there's any position we seem to be pretty deep at, it's QB. I was also pretty surprised to see Brantley as #1 and commented about that. Needless to say the UF fans jumped all over me for even questioning his superiority. I mean, I'm sure he's extremely talented, but the only playing time he's had is when his team was already up by a lot of points. It kinda seemed like all this hype for him came out of nowhere. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I saw that Detroit picked up Tra Battle. Also saw that NY Jets waived Southerland. WOW.

David Hale said...

The Southerland thing really surprises me. The only thing I can figure is Brannan just never really got back to 100 percent after the 2nd surgery and teams have seen something that we havent.