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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Links (5/13)

This is sort of a bittersweet day. On the plus side, I couldn't be more excited about the two-hour finale to "Lost." On the downside, that means it'll be nearly another year before there are new episodes. But, again on the plus side, you all get to stop reading about the show here, so that's good for you.

I'm not making any grand predictions for tonight's episode other than that I think it will be a good one. I think the show will never top the fantastic Season 3 finale, but I think this one might rate a solid second best. We shall see.

This season overall hasn't been one I really got behind, but I had read an interview with the producers beforehand that suggested that might be the case. This season, they said, was meant to be a bridge between the past story lines and what will come in next year's final season. That certainly took us in some odd directions -- and I was left with a lot of questions that, for the first time seemed more annoying than intriguing. Still, there were some very good episodes, and I've yet to lose hope. Now, ideally, all the confusion of time travel and extended absences of key characters (not to mention Rose and Bernard) will all come to an end tonight, and we'll be set up perfectly for an exciting final season.

So, enough about "Lost" now? OK, how about some links...

-- Kyle King picks apart a pretty easily pick-apartable argument by Mark Richt on why the Cocktail Party should move to Atlanta. While I'm not totally against the idea of bringing the game to Georgia on a rotating basis, I completely agree with most of King's points. Between these comments and his blame the media tactics for last year's distractions, I'm not entirely impressed with some of Richt's off-season quotes so far.

-- Rivals' Anthony Dasher reports that 11 of the Dawgs' incoming freshmen have already qualified, leaving nine more left to go. (Subscription required)

-- Bill King thinks there could be a lot of playing time for Georgia's youngsters this season. I'm inclined to agree. I have to think we'll see a good bit of Montez Robinson, Branden Smith, Orson Charles, Marlon Brown, Arthur Lynch, Rontavious Wooten and possibly Washaun Ealey, Abry Jones and one of the QBs.

-- First Jeff Owens, then Danny Ware, and now Rex Robinson is blogging. Check out some of the great stuff he already has up.

-- Dan Magill takes a look back at the impressive career of retiring UGA director of football operations, Steve Greer.

-- Yikes! Mark Richt might miss the last episode of "Lost," as he'll be in Savannah tonight.

-- Urban Meyers has a message for former players: There is no dissent during the reign of King Meyers.

-- It won't mean much in the standings, but it was a big win last night for the Diamond Dogs.

-- Georgia's Chelsey Gullickson took home rookie of the year honors in the ITA's South region.

-- It looks like Zac Swansey will land at Tennnessee Tech.

-- Check out some photos of Atlanta residents attempting to set the world record for pancakes cooked in eight hours.

-- On Monday, I linked to a story about a kid I went to high school with tearing up the lawn at a Delaware museum in a truck with his name painted on the side. And now my home state has decided to legalize sports gambling. There's definitely a connection there.

-- I have long since thought "Scrubs" was one of the best comedies on TV, but I agree with this column that the show ran its course and ended on a high note. Don't bring it back.

-- It's a simple Hollywood formula: Lorenzo Lamas + Debbie Gibson + Awful CGI effects = Summer Blockbuster.

And finally, a couple of "Lost" links to get you prepped for tonight's finale:

-- USA Today previews the final episode.

-- TV Guide talks with Michael Emerson (he of co-guesting with Matthew Stafford on Fallon infamy) in this Q&A.

-- Meanwhile the AV Club chats with Bulldogs sweatshirt wearing Jorge Garcia.

-- And if you're an "open your presents on Christmas Eve" type of person, here are a few clips from tonight's finale.


Chuck said...

Which of the questions from Lost are annoying more than intriguing?

David Hale said...

What I mean is, before I always had questions that were more along the lines of "what's going to happen next?". The underlying "rules" of the show were just assumed.

This year, I watch episodes and I feel like I'm always asking, "wait, how is that possible? That doesn't seem to jibe with another aspect of the show."

I want to be invested in the story, and this year I feel like I've always had a bunch of plot holes lingering in the back of my mind. That's not to say they can't all be masterfully resolved -- and I still have faith that they will -- but this season has required a lot more suspended disbelief than past years, and for a show like "Lost," that's saying a lot.

Faulkner said...

I thought they canceled the final season?

Ben said...

I don't see how they are going to resolve/clear up all of the plot lines and questions in one more season. My hope is the plot will continue after next year, but that is probably false hope.