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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Links (5/4)

Well, it's been a while since we posted any links, so there's a lot to catch up on...

-- For our readers in Macon and Columbus, don't forget Mark Richt and Mark Fox will be coming to town this week.

-- During his visit to his old stomping grounds in North Jersey, a fan asked Knowshon Moreno why he wore the No. 24. He wasn't sure. Unlike most athletes, it had no special meaning to him. As best he could recall, he used to wear No. 27 growing up, but it wasn't available in high school, so he switched without much thought.

With the Broncos, Knowshon will wear No. 27 again, but this time, it will have plenty of meaning.

-- Larry Munson is heading to the broadcaster's hall of fame tonight.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker looks at two-sport stars at Georgia, starting with Geno Atkins, who excels on both the football field and with the shotput.

-- A.J. Green will grace the cover of the new Athlon College Football preview issue (with some other guys you've probably never heard of). (h/t GTP)

-- The Dalton Daily Citizen refers to Matthew Stafford's run-in with a 49ers psychologist as an "outburst" then gets Mark Richt to comment on it. I'd hate to find out how they're covering the swine flu... "We're all gonna die!!!!"

-- Anthony Dasher catches up with Trinton Strurdivant to find out the big left tackle is feeling pretty good these days. (Subscription Required.)

-- Former Georgia running back Verron Haynes will be playing close to home once again.

-- The Orange & Brown Report looks at how Mohamed Massaquoi may fit into the Browns' offense next season. (Scout subscription required.)

-- If you followed our coverage from Orlando on this blog during bowl week, you'll know I was less than impressed by the festivities of the Cap One Bowl. The Orlando Sentinel has a story up now that says I'm not the only one that thinks the so-called best non-BCS bowl game has lost a good bit of its luster.

-- Mark Fox still has a lot of work left to do before next season.

-- The women's hoops team landed a commitment.

-- Two great posts from T Kyle King:

First, he wraps up the dreadful series at Foley Field in which Georgia was swept by Florida, and has now lost six straight.

And second, he invokes history -- and some Erk Russell quotes -- to argue against big changes to the Cocktail Party.

-- Georgia Sports Blog takes a closer look at the sinking ship that is the Diamond Dogs' season.

-- While the baseball team was struggling, the softball team swept Arkansas and completed a no-hitter.

-- Two things I have really enjoyed in the past year or so: The book "Freakonomics," which is really a great read if you're browsing the aisles of your local Barnes & Noble any time soon, and the recent episodes of "The Office" featuring the Michael Scott Paper Company. Here's a nifty little column by one of the book's authors on the underlying economic principles involved in the latter's business model.

-- If you're any sort of a science dork, you'll love this. Click on the photo once the page loads. (From Rob Neyer's blog at

-- Catching up on some news from last week: Deadspin has a pretty entertaining lead in the case to find out who rigged the secret pony code into

-- The Red & Black has a story about the lives of beauty queens at the University of Georgia. Good stuff.

-- I mentioned Voltron in one of my posts last week, which led to a greater discussion with one reader on whether this year's Georgia team more closely resembled Voltron or Thundercats, in which I surmised that they really ought to be modeling themselves more after G.I. Joe. Yes, I have too much free time on my hands. Anyway, all of that is a round-about way of saying, here's the trailer for the new G.I. Joe movie.

-- I know things are bad for newspapers, and it's inevitable that folks will lose jobs, but the heartless way in which it seems to happen drives me nuts. I remember working in a restaurant in college as a waiter and being told that all of us were replaceable at any time. I had liked to think I'd moved beyond that, but the truth is, that's the way many of the big-wigs look at reporters, and that's a big reason newspapers are doing so badly now.

-- And finally, ranks the top movie opening scenes of all time. Can't disagree with them at all on "Goodfellas," which would make my list, but the diner scene in "Pulp Fiction" is 1,000 times better than "Jackie Brown" and I'm sorta partial to the opening scene from "The Big Lebowski," which didn't make the list. Sometimes there's a man...


BulldogBry said...

Man. Is Adam Krohn the new Penn Wagers? Where does the hate come from?

Scott said...

...and I'm talkin' bout The Dude here...

Great job as always, have become the one-stop shop for all things Dawg and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining about the demise of the newspapers. It's a dead medium that owes its downfall to Blogs such as your own and in the case of the AJC, to forcing their left-leaning agenda on a client base that vociferously disagreed. I wasn't around back then, but I'm pretty sure people in the 50's didn't bitch this much when TV wiped radio programs off the map.

David Hale said...

If it weren't for the newspaper, this blog wouldn't exist, and most other blogs wouldn't have much to write about.

And actually, go back and read the news coverage from when TV first caught on and yes, there was plenty of whining from radio.