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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Links (5/28)

Well, it's my last day in Destin, and I'm fairly sure Damon Evans, et al will be happy to no longer have me stalking them. I'm flying from Atlanta to Philly in the morning to go home for my brother's high school graduation, so I'm a little swamped with stuff today as I try to get everything done, so the links will have to be slightly abridged...

-- With the additions of New Mexico State and UL-L, you may have thought the UGA football program had reached a middle ground on its scheduling of tough opponents, but after talking to Mark Richt and Damon Evans about it, it looks like this is going to have to be one of those agree to disagree situations. Richt thinks the slate is too much, Evans likes the big games. End of story.

-- Anthony Dasher reports that Derrick Lott has now qualified (subscription required), which leaves just Kwame Geathers and Brandon Bogotay on the outside. I spoke with Bogotay a couple weeks ago (story coming next week) and he's simply finishing up school and will be a late arrival this summer in Athens. Nothing to worry about on that front though.

-- Georgia is looking to add another QB from Tampa to its roster in 2010.

-- He may not be winning at the same clip, but Paul Finebaum writes that Steve Spurrier can still talk a heck of a game. (Side note: I passed Spurrier at least three times yesterday in the hallway or out by the pool when he was sitting around telling stories to people who were hanging on his every word. Say what you want about him, the man is engaging.)

-- Mike Slive delivered a pretty pointed message to the SEC coaches yesterday. I'd say it still remains to be seen how much it actually tunes down the rhetoric.

-- I knew me and Fran Tarkenton had stuff in common... we're both sick to death of Brett Favre.

-- I guess you could call this a bad day for Kentucky basketball: Its new head coach could be in trouble for recruiting violations at his last job. Its old head coach is now suing them. And one of its top recruits spent the day in court.

-- T Kyle King does his usual spectacular job previewing the Diamond Dogs regional series in Tallahassee.

-- While Georgia won't play again at Foley Field this year, a road trip to Omaha isn't too intimidating.

-- Georgia softball, meanwhile, is in a whole new stratosphere.

-- If you're a jogger in Athens, you may have to find a new place to run for a few months.

-- This is pretty cool. Check out the science behind the "visual illusion" of a curve ball.

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