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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Links

Happy Cico de Mayo, folks. Hope everyone has some sort of fiesta planned to celebrate or at least plans on getting a couple double-decker tacos at Taco Bell on your way home from work. And to help kill the time until that first margarita, here's a handful of links mas fina.

-- New Mexico State will fill out Georgia's 2011 slate. My only regret here is that Hal Mumme won't be on the sideline for the Aggies.

-- Marc Weiszer was a busy man yesterday, also posting a good blog about Mark Richt's thoughts on a potential indoor practice facility.

-- ESPN's Chris Low is wrapping up the spring for every SEC team, including Georgia. He helped me out with a Q&A on the SEC to wrap up our Two-A-Days last week, but also has a look back of his own, too.

-- Jalen Fields was Georgia's first commitment for 2010, but as TotalUGA notes, it's not exactly a done deal just yet that Fields will be playing in Athens. (Subscription required)

-- Like most people, I was pretty much against the BCS for a long time. But then I started reading Blutarski's thoughts on the whole thing, and slowly but surely, he has worn me down with great posts like this one.

-- You know what makes for great offseason banter: A meaningless poll done by someone none of you have heard of that ranks Georgia Tech seven spots ahead of the Dawgs.

-- USA Today has its spring scoop on college football teams from coast to coast.

-- DaugMan has one of the few notes I forgot to mention from Mark Fox's meeting with reporters last week: The new coach is pretty impressed with the abilities of Drazen Zlovaric.

-- Tim Tucker has some thoughts on Georgia's newest (female) hoops recruit and the slumping Diamond Dogs.

-- 960 the Ref talks to the man in charge of those slumping Diamond Dogs, Dave Perno.

-- Here's a question I've been posed a few times throughout the course of my life: If you're at a bar or some sort of social meeting place, and someone of the opposite sex whom you would never find remotely attractive hits on you, should you a.) be flattered that you were hit on at all, or b.) be concerned that someone you would never be interested in assumed you were attainable. I've usually stuck with option A, if for no other reason than I have some ugly friends who consistently hit on any girl who doesn't immediately run. In any case, I assume that this is a similar question that the folks in the Chattanooga sports media might ask themselves after being wooed by Bleacher Report.

-- As a former teacher at a community college, I think I've officially found the show I'm most excited about watching next season.

-- I'm guessing The Hoff will be taking it easy on Cinco de Mayo after his latest round of trouble.

-- And finally, I must say, I LOVED last night's episode of "How I Met Your Mother," but I'm in agreement with the Star-Ledger's Alan Sepinwall, who isn't buying in to that final twist. Seriously though, how can you not love a show that compares a character's success rate hitting on women to Jim Abbott's career batting average? And Marshall's diagram of "Cecilia?" Classic.

(As a side note, prior to last night's episode, my favorite Jim Abbott comparison was to my friend, Tim. Back in college, we played intramural softball, but Tim would always forget to bring his glove -- this was usually happy hour-related. We had extra gloves, but he was our only lefty. So, when playing the field, he would always wear a right-handed glove, catch the ball, then have to take the glove off and switch hands in order to throw the ball back to the infield, a la Jim Abbott. We were not very good, as you might imagine.)

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Anonymous said...

2 comments on Community: I love that "Chuck" has totally revitalized Chevy Chase's career. And "If you mess with the bull, you get the horns."

Side note: I will watch this show, if only because of the journey promo