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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost and a Link

No links today (sorry... there really just aren't enough UGA stories being written for daily links, so I'll probably scale back to 2-3 days a week for a while), but I wanted to pass along this interview 960 the Ref did with former UGA wide receiver Damien Gary, who is now a teacher and coach at Clarke Central. It's a good discussion.

Also, anyone have any thoughts on last night's "Lost" finale?

I won't give too much away for those still waiting to watch it on DVR, but I will say I was both excited and a bit dismayed about the plot twists.

A few thoughts:

-- The Rose & Bernard thing was lame. I liked the message they tried to get through, but I liked them as characters, and it seemed to me (although I could be wrong), that the way that was handled was a bit of a cop out.

-- I though that the ongoing plotline of last night's episode was interesting, but it seemed kind of forced to me -- like an idea that the writers had two weeks before writing it that had no precedent.

-- The whole plot of the past three episodes -- that the past could be changed -- makes no sense. It's the inherent logical falacy of time travel. If you go back in time to prevent a series of events from happening, then you also prevent the events that lead you to go back in time in the first place. It's a paradox that cannot be resolved, and I feel like that's just been ignored in favor of furthering the story.

And that has been my problem with this season. Ridiculous stuff always happened on this show, but I never felt like I had to ignore it in order to enjoy the show. It always followed some sort of "rule." This year, I feel like I've had to not ask a lot of questions in order to stay involved in the story, and that's the opposite of what had always made the show so good. It wanted you to ask questions. (For example, as pointed out by a reader, how is Helloise pregnant 30 years in the past with Daniel, yet in the scenes set in 2004, he looks like he's about 40?)

Having said all that, it was a tense two hours, and after the final scene, my first thought was still... nine more months before I get to find out what happened?!? So I'm still excited about next season, but I definitely think this was my least favorite season of the show by far.


David Jones said...

The whole plot of the past three episodes -- that the past could be changed -- makes no sense. It's the inherent logical falacy of time travel. If you go back in time to prevent a series of events from happening, then you also prevent the events that lead you to go back in time in the first place.I think Miles may have given a peek at what may be the central point when he asked, "What if Jack detonating the bomb IS the incident that causes 815." They may not have been able to change the past. Guess we'll find out in 2010....

Scott said...

First, I LOVED the Rose and Bernard thing... I thought it was very true to their characters to get tired of all this B.S. and just shut it down.

Totally disagree about the "forced" storyline. I think that what we are going to find is that you can NOT change the past. There will be some kind of consequences to the Jughead blast, obviously, but it will NOT be that Oceanic 815 lands safely in LA. I think it's more likely that it somehow moves the '77 Losties into 2008 where everybody else is in order to participate in the "war" that Widmore said was coming.

As far as the "Daniel looking 40 when Eloise was only pregnant 30 years ago" thing, I think that is just a side effect of having a story happen in so many different can't have a different actor for every year, so the same actor had to be used for Daniel from circa 1995 all the way through 2007. For storyline purposes, Daniel is approximately 30 years old.

While I'm here, many thanks for the work that you do...your blog is required daily reading for Dawg fans!

David Hale said...

Thanks, Scott.

I guess I came off sounding a bit more down on this season than I should have. I still stand by my feeling that it was my least favorite season of the show, but that would still probably put it in my top 20 favorite seasons of any show. There were just some things that bothered me and I thought this season required more suspended disbelief than years previous. That said, I was on the edge of my seat throughout last night's episode and I can't wait til January.

LawDawg said...

I agree that this season has not been as enjoyable, mostly due to the fact that you never know what in the world is going on and everyone is everywhere, etc. I also agree with the above posters that all jack, et. al. did was repeat the past. Though it was necessary obviously, and now "they are coming" will happen. The Locke/Jacob twist was pretty interesting though, I am beginning to think that the Dark Cloud evil stuff is the spirit of the guy who wanted to kill Jacob... and, hence, the fact that it told Ben to help "Locke." Pretty crazy to think Locke is actually dead.... my real question is: who in the hell are the people with the coffin? I recognize the bigger guy from the van that attempted to convince Miles he was on the wrong side (Charles Whitmore), so clearly they are not friends with Whitmore... but isn't it odd that they did not recognize Ben after the plane crash since they seem to know so much? But clearly they are in with Jacob.

Just rambling away. Good last episode, thought I thought the death by magnetism/chain was pretty lame. No problem with the Rose/Bernard, in the words of Danny Glover - they are too old for this shit. Seriously, the show is way to violent and crazy for those two now.

Anonymous said...

Quetion was the boat at the beginning coming to the Island the Black Rock?

David Hale said...

That was the impression I got, and my first thought was that Richard was on it. If you remember in the ep two weeks ago, Richard was building a ship in a bottle that looked an awful lot like the Black Rock.

Old Dawg 55 said...

David, you've fallen into the same lame writing that Dave O'Brien on the AJC's Brave beat has!!This is no more a TV critic's corner than DOB's is a music review piece! I come to you for some insight into the Dawg team or SEC at minimum..surely you can ponder up something..anything..more than a running commentary on a TV show!! You had risen to one of my favorite football writers but of late, you've been really disappointing. Straighten up, and get back to's not that much of a stretch to come up with some worthy subject!!

David Hale said...

All due respect, Old Dawg, but I think about 97% of this blog is UGA-related, but there's a core group of folks who like talking about Lost, too, so I wrote one post that did. I'm not making apologies for that because I don't think it was at the expense of any UGA info. I'd wager you won't find any other news site with as much UGA content last week as this one had.

Ben said...

Old Dawg, chill out man! David Hale and DOB are two of the best bloggers out there because of their blogs that are informative and "entertaining" at times. He can't possibly write 100% Dawg-related material. Personally, I love the blog where he will post different links around the country. It offers material that you won't find anywhere else. If you want great insight on what is happening in the Dawg Nation, then this is still the place to go. Who cares if he wants to blog about television shows!! Thats what makes his blog so great. There really isn't a lot to cover concerning UGA athletics right now (besides the downward slide of the Diamond Dogs), but what there is, Hale still tries to hit on it. I love this blog and keep it up David. BTW, I think David Jones is right about Miles' comment. Just hate that we have to wait another 10 months to find out.

David Hale said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ben. I guess that was my point -- I want to have a little fun with the blog, but I don't think that's necessarily sacrificing content. Read what you want, and skip over what you don't. Hopefully there's a little something for everyone.