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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Links 8/2

Some quick links for today. I'm in the process of moving (always one of my favorite activities... right up there with severe dental work and going to the DMV, which I actually have to do next week) so probably won't have many other updates today. Looking forward to really getting things going Monday though. Finally, some actual football!

Georgia Sports Blog gives their two cents about Ronnie Wilson's return to Florida. I love this post for its excessive use of puns and snide remarks. Cheers to that, GSB.

Also from Georgia Sports Blog: Why UGA won't go wire-to-wire as the nation's No. 1 team. You can't argue with math, and I think this is pretty foolproof. It's also probably a good thing for the Bulldogs.

In addition to the Dawgs' No. 1 rank, Gambling911 has UGA at 8-to-1 odds to win the national championship.

UGA's Web site tells you where to find Georgia pregame shows this year.

The Falcons Web site has an interview with former Georgia RB Thomas Brown. Also in former Bulldog/current Falcon news, the AJC says D.J. Shockley is gaining ground in the race to be Atlanta's QB.

If you haven't booked your flight to Arizona State yet, you might want to check into AirTran. On a side note, I think airlines charging you for checked bags may make me angrier than the media defending Brett Favre. Maybe.

The Athens Banner-Herald's John Kaltefleiter writes that fans shouldn't get too caught up in the preseason rankings. I agree completely, except to say that, as unfortunate as it is, where you start can affect where you finish, so it's much better to be at the top to start the year than fighting your way up from the bottom.

The AJC's Chip Towers blogs that the No. 1 ranking is a mixed blessing for UGA.

I guess this is an interesting piece from the AJC. If, you know, you care what Deborah Norville has to say about Georgia football.

Speaking of useless stories in the AJC (no bitterness here, I promise), this story that simply asks Tech fans how they feel about UGA's No. 1 ranking could have probably been reduced to two words: "Screw 'em."

ESPN's Chris Low will be touring each SEC camp and blogging about it. He'll be in Knoxville today and Athens on Monday. I'll say hi to him for you.'s countdown of the top 25 things to look forward to this year is fantastic regardless, but a blog post really reaches the next level when you include the video for Europe's "The Final Countdown." Among my favorite '80s tunes along with the Outfield's "Your Love," Toto's "Africa" and, of course, Journey's "Separate Ways."

(By the way, if you didn't just click on the "Separate Ways" link, do yourself a favor and go back to it now. MTV just isn't what it used to be.)

OK, on that note, it's time to sync up my iPod and get to reassembling a desk. Enjoy your Saturday, folks.

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