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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Links (8/13)

A handful of links while I ponder just how much better the world might be if only Michael Phelps and Brett Favre could have a child together -- he'd be the first six-sport professional athlete/superhero in history. (Seriously though, Phelps is amazing. The Olympics are actually fun to watch this year!)

In the few years I've covered Georgia, I've had a lot of fun interviews with players, but my chat with Geno Atkins and Jeff Owens yesterday was one of my favorites. You can read the story I wrote about it HERE . The two of them were really like Tony Randall and Jack Klugman -- with Owens definitely playing the Oscar role. Anyway, the made me take a picture of them with my cell phone when we were done, so I'm posting that here, too.

The Bulldogs landed a top tight end recruit. I'll actually have a story on Georgia's lineage of great tight ends on Friday.

The Georgia Sports Blog has put together a fantastic "pregame video."

Lindsey Scott and Jeff Lott will be helping out some youngsters, according to the Blackshear Times.

Here's a requisite joke blog on Russia's invasion of Sanford Stadium.

The AJC's Terence Moore says you shouldn't blame the rash of injuries on any curses -- like a certain one involving the cover of a certain national sports publication.

Dawg Sports gives us an update on UGA VII straight from Vince Dooley. I really should have added him to my poll of freshmen you're most excited to see. Probably would've given A.J. a run for his money.

Another story on Cornelius Washington from the Augusta Chronicle. This kid has a chance to be something special if his on-field game catches up to his physical ability.

The good folks over at the Red & Black report that the Chapel Bell will return this week.

And I'll end things with a funny bell-related story for you to get you stoked for the Chapel Bell's return...

I grew up in Philly, and a few years ago some nut job decided to "take the Liberty Bell hostage" as the TV news reported it. He had gone to the top of Independence Hall and was threatening to damage the iconic bell unless his demands were met. Apparently there were a bunch of field-trip groups from local schools there, too, and as the children came out, many of the local TV reporters were interviewing them to find out what happened.

So, I was watching one of the broadcasts and they pitch it to the reporter live on the scene, asking her for details. "Well," the reporter says, "Details are sketchy right now, but according to one of the school children I spoke to, there is now a crack in the Liberty Bell."

And people wonder why print journalists scoff at the TV folks.

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