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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Practice Notes

Georgia completed its first practice game Thursday in preparation for its regular-season opener against Georgia Southern.

Head coach Mark Richt had the team simulate game conditions from pregame warm-ups to the bus ride to the stadium to prepare his team for the season. Richt said the team went full-speed thud, meaning there was contact during the practice game, but no tackling, and said he was pleased with how most of the players responded.

"We've got a ways to go, we're not as clean as we should be," Richt said. "I thought overall the energy was pretty good."

Running back Knowshon Moreno did not participate in the practice game, but quarterback Matthew Stafford was among the stars, completing 4-of-5 passes for 70 yards and a touchdown.

Freshman wide receivers Tavarres King and A.J. Green each had touchdown receptions in the game, while freshman running back Richard Samuel also scored.

Richt said Georgia Southern actually won the practice game, but the results were unofficial as coaches worked to simulate specific conditions, calling back several touchdowns and turnovers in order to spend more time on other drills.

"On the last drive of the game, I told them if they stopped our offense on a two-minute drill where we needed a field goal to win it, then they won," Richt said. "We actually hit a streak for a touchdown, but I called them down at the 25, then we kicked it, and we missed it."

Richt said the only serious injury in Thursday's scrimmage was to linebacker Charles White. Richt said White hurt his Achilles on the first play of the game, but he was not aware of the severity of the injury.

(Very) unofficial stats:

Rushing: Samuel 3-10 w/ 1 TD, Jackson 11-51, Thomas 4-20

Passing: Stafford 4-5-70 w/ 1 TD, Cox/Gray (apparently they both wore #14, which confused the stat guy) 9-13-216 w/ 2 TD

Receiving: Durham 3-57, Goodman 3-89 w/ 1 TD, Chandler 1-22, Samuel 1-10, Green 1-26 w/ 1 TD, Harris 1-9, Massaquoi 1-16, Thomas 1-0, T. King 1-57 w/ 1 TD.

Kicking: Walsh made from 20, missed from 45. Jensen hit from 38.

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