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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carson Palmer Talks UGA

Trent Rosecrans, a former writer at the Athens Banner-Herald, now works in Cincinnati blogging about sports for Clear Channel. He recently caught up with Bengals QB and former Heisman winner Carson Palmer and the subject of Georgia's Matthew Stafford came up (Palmer saw Stafford at the Elite 11 camp). Here's what Palmer had to say about Georgia's QB:

"He's good. He's really good. Georgia might win it because of him. He's going to come out after this year and be the top pick in the draft. I said it first."

I'm not sure Palmer actually said it first, but he certainly knows what he's talking about. I've heard from dozens of people over the past few weeks about how good Stafford could be this year. While Knowshon has the early Heisman buzz surrounding him, Stafford could certainly end up stealing the show. And like Palmer, I agree that, if Georgia wins it all, it will depend in large part on how well Stafford plays.

In any case, thanks to Trent for the heads up on this, and if you're interested in reading the complete article, you can find it HERE .


RobSweet said...

If Stafford makes the improvement that most of us hope (and believe) he will make, I'll be surprised if he stays around for his senior season. The QB crop in the 09 draft will be fairly weak and there would be a whole lot of money waiting for him.

I think he stays if...
...he doesn't show much improvement this year (doubtful)
...or... we come real close to getting in the national championship game but just miss it. (Then MAYBE he stays.)

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Wright said...

As much as I love the guy, Stafford has has not consistently lived up to the hype. If he improves as much as last year, he will be amazing. If we win the championship, there will be a mass exodus, but if we don't, we stand to return almost everyone. It's a double edged sword, but if you have a change, you win now.

Stafford now has the line and the running backs, the receivers need to step up. We have never had an elite bunch, and we are due. If the receivers don't make it happen this year, you have to look at Eason if Stafford is as good as advertized.

Go dawgs!