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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Links (8/20)

It's Wednesday, it's 10 days to football season, it's time to party. I'm your excellent host David Hale, and with me as always is the links...

-- Here are the preseason rankings from the least professional person not named Skip Bayless currently working in sports, Mr. Colin Cowherd. Sorry to offend any of his loyal listeners, but as someone who actually paid for journalism school, I'm personally offended by people who spout uninformed opinions in the hopes it will make enough people mad to drive up their ratings, then refer to themselves as "journalists." Call it a pet peeve. I also hate when people talk with their mouths full. I'm funny like that.

-- Dawgs Online comments on Danny Ware's big night Monday. Ware was always one of my favorite quotes when I covered the Bulldogs a few years back. He never pulled punches, and always said what was on his mind. That was probably a lot better for my career than for his.

-- Speaking of former Dawgs now in the NFL, Brandon Coutu had a nice game, too. Oh, and if you're interested in kickers, check out my story from today's paper on Blair Walsh. He assures me he selects kickers way too early in his fantasy football leagues, which may earn him an invite for the open spot we have in our league.

-- The AJC's Chip Towers breaks the cone of silence that surrounds offensive line coach Stacy Searles -- sort of. (SIDE NOTE: I'm thrilled the McCain-Obama debate over the weekend brought the phrase "cone of silence" back into the mainstream.)

-- USA Today has an excellent story on another home now divided between Georgia and Clemson loyalties. What is it with Clemson QBs?

-- The Athens Banner-Herald has a story on Vince Vance's improved play this preseason.

-- I'm linking to this story about the Sturdivant injury just because it makes me happy to think people in France are concerned about it.

-- Two legal stories for the day... First, the crazy one: Warner Robins is outlawing baggy pants. Personally, I'm not a big fan of looking at guys' boxer shorts either, but I have to imagine lawmakers and law enforcers have better things to do with their time. And second, a number of college presidents are hoping to have the drinking age lowered from 21 to 18.


Anonymous said...

Cowherd is awesome. NEVER compare him to Skip Bayliss again.

Skip Bayliss is a f**king moron.

Jamar said...


With the rash of injuries at D-end, do coaches seem all that concerned that conditioning, technique and fundamentals may be lacking this year? It seems like without an opportunity to practice, we may not have the pass rush that we had last year. And that's gonna be vital if we're supposed to beat LSU or Florida. I've heard Fabris say he hasn't had a DE close to 90% healthwise, but considering that, how does he plan to make sure these guys are ready to play this year?

David Hale said...


Your points are exactly Fabris (and some other coaches') primary concerns right now. There's so little experience at the DE position (outside of Battle) and so few guys who are getting good reps in camp. I think there's a good chance that some of those guys are going to have to be using the GSU and CM games as an extension of camp just to get in shape. It's a real concern.

Anonymous said...

good call on Cowherd. He and Kincaid drive me nuts just being contrarian just to be doing it