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Monday, August 11, 2008

Other Notes from Monday's Scrimmage

OK, so the big news from Monday's scrimmage was Trinton Sturdivant's injury, but there were other things that happened.

Of note: Both Caleb King and Richard Samuel had strong performances, according to Mark Richt.

"I was pleased with both of them," Richt said. "They both seemed to have a good feel for what they were doing. I think both of them missed the crease or missed the hole, but really pretty good overall."

Kicker Blair Walsh was a perfect 3-of-3 on field goal tries -- 36, 37 and 38 yards -- including one in the one-minute drill.

Both Bacarri Rambo and John Knox looked sharp, which helps to ease the loss of Quintin Banks.

Richt said QB Matthew Stafford looked sharp, but the numbers didn't exactly reflect that. Stafford was 11-for-21 passing for 108 yards and a pick, according to Richt's "unofficial" statistics.

Here's a quick rundown of the other stats from the scrimmage:

PASSING: Stafford 11-21-108 1 INT, Logan Gray 12-22-119 1 TD

RUSHING: King 11-52, Samuel 11-45 and a TD, Dontavius Jackson 9-28, Gray 5-25, Carlton Thomas 4-9, Kalvin Daniels 5-8. "You can tell who ran with the No. 2 unit vs. the No. 1 defense," Richt said.

RECEIVING: A.J. Green 3-28 (left game early with hip flexor flare-up), Samuel 3-26, King 2-22, Israel Troupe 3-21, Jackson 1-5, Vernon Spellman 2-14, Demiko Goodman 2-61, Tripp Chandler 4-34 and a TD, Kris Durham 1-11, Tony Wilson 1-16, Kenneth Harris 1-18, Daniels 1-4, Zach Renner 2-21, Fred Munzenmaier 1-5.

DEFENSE: Ramarcus Brown 10 tackles, Darryl Gamble 7, Marcus Dowtin 5, John Knox 4, Akeem Dent 4, Rennie Curran 2 tackles and 2 pass break-ups, Jeff Owens 2 tackles and a sack, Wes Jacobs 2 tackles and a sack, Bacarri Rambo 6 tackles and a pass break-up, Vance Cuff 1 INT and 2 pass breakups.

Some other comments from Richt:

On changes to the depth chart after Monday's scrimmage: "I always leave that up to the coaches to decide, but I don't think there's one of them that would say there was an on-the-field promotion or demotion. Every coach knows that it may look one way as it's happening, and then you watch the film and you realize it wasn't quite the way you thought. So everybody likes to reserve their desions until after that. Right now, I'd say no, but after everybody looks at the film, they might feel a little different."

On how the safety position is looking: "The young guys that we have, they give you hope that they might be able to handle the thing. Nick Williams, Bacarri Rambo, were really pretty strong. ... We still feel pretty good right now without having to make a bunch of changes."

On the stats: "There was probably a few more sacks than we recorded, it's just hard to find a sack when we scrimmage the way we do. We don't tackle the quarterbacks."

On the defense: "Defense didn't do very well in the red-zone area today. The No. 1 defense pretty much stoned the No. 2 offense out of the scrimmage downs."

On other players who were impressive: "I thought Logan Gray did a pretty good job once he got the ball snapped. He still has to get better at getting guys in and out of the huddle, getting plays called, when he makes his checks, make his checks a little quicker. ... Jarius Wynn did a nice job and has been having a nice camp all the way around. Israel Troupe did well. He's coming off an injury, but he caught a couple tough catches, caught a third-down conversion in really tight coverage. Stafford stuck it right on him, but he held on to it. A. J. Green started out very well, but his hip flexor started bothering him enough to where we just sat him down, we didn't want to strain it again. But he started out with some nice plays."

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