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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Practice Update

Not a lot of info coming from practice today outside of the Trinton Sturdivant injury situation.

Mark Richt said he did not expect the injury to Sturdivant to be career-ending, and said he thought it would be about a nine-month rehab.

Richt said he spoke with Sturdivant last night and said the left tackle was in good spirits and holding up well.

Trainer Ron Courson said the injury involved multiple ligament tears and surgery would be scheduled for some time next week.

Richt said several players worked out at left tackle during practice today, with Josh Davis running with the first team offense. Clint Boling and Vince Vance also took snaps at left tackle. Richt also said there was some thought of moving Cordy Glenn, who has been working with the No. 1s at right guard over to right tackle, then moving Kiante Tripp to left tackle. In Richt's words, "at least we have options."

Richt said Davis is currently the leading contender for the job, however, and said the sophomore's energy level was up today knowing he had a crack at the starting lineup.

More updates later...


spoid-kills said...

I think we would still be pretty good with K.Tripp moved to LT, and Vance/Glenn at RT. Boling at LT might not be too bad of an idea either. I have some faith the coaches will see who the best replacement is, but its fun to guess in the meantime. I'm so glad to read they don't think this is career ending (my first thought on hearing multiple tears). At least we'll get Sturdivant for another three years!

Have you seen how Josh Davis as looked in practice? I can't recall paying much attention to him in games.

Jamar said...


How athletic is Josh Davis? I've heard that Mark Richt is so high on Kiante Tripp because he's so athletic that he can win most battle in the trenches even if he's a bit outmatched.

I think it may be best if Tripp moved over to left tackle for the sake of protecting Stafford's blind side. But only if Josh Davis isn't as athletic.

Have you heard anything from the coaches regarding this? What do you think?

Also, apparently, Glenn may be the sleeper/surprise star of the line. Any other info on this?

Anonymous said...

When I was at Georgia a while back, I became friends with one of the offensive linemen (who later was all SEC). He hurt his knee in Spring Practice and was hopitalized. We waited a couple of days and went to visit him to cheer him up. He commented that none of the coaches had come to visit him. I give Richt and his staff a lot of credit for supporting our kids.