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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Links (8/10)

Dawg Sports cites a story by Cale Conley that should give hope to all the fans concerned about that No. 1 ranking (and target on Georgia's back).

Chip Towers has info on the injury to Q Banks as well as a possible series with TCU down the road.

Bleacher Report details Kiante Tripp's transition from the D-line to the O-line. After the morning practice yesterday, a reporter asked tight end Tripp Chandler if the coaches were riding him pretty hard. "No, no, not me," Chandler said. "They were yelling at Kiante Tripp. We go by last names. Now if you hear 'Chandler!' out there, you know I screwed up." That story aside, all reports on Tripp's (Kiante, that is) progress have been glowing so far.

The Athens Banner-Herald has a story on tight ends coach John Lilly. Meanwhile, the Red & Black has an Xs and Os lesson on using the tight end from Mark Richt.

The AJC has a photo gallery from the Vince Dooley roast in Atlanta last night.

The ABH's John Kaltefleiter considers the difference at Florida State before and after Mark Richt.

And, while I'm not a fan of self promotion, I hope you'll take some time to read the story on Mohamed Massaquoi I wrote for today's paper -- not because I did a particularly good job with it, but in the wake of so much bad publicity surrounding Georgia, guys like Mo deserve some good publicity.

I started covering UGA in 2005, and there aren't many guys from that team still around. I remember interviewing Massaquoi that year -- his freshman season -- and he was by far the most shy, soft-spoken guy on the team. Not great for an interview, but most 18-year-olds suddenly thrown into the spotlight aren't.

Flash forward to this year, and the change in Massaquoi's personality couldn't be greater. He's thoughtful, articulate and seems a lot more confident. Every young receiver I've talked to has gushed about all Massaquoi has done for them. I've been thoroughly impressed, and I think Mo's role on this year's team -- though not as publicized as Knowshon or Stafford's -- will be crucial to the Dawgs' success.

1 comment:

RobSweet said...

Great article on Mo Mass, David.

And you have done a terrific job all around. You've posted an incredible volume of material.... we love it. Hope you're not burned out.

Here's to a fun season... thanks for keeping it covered for us.