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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Links (8/25)

Welcome to the start of your final non-football work week, folks. I'm excited to get back into a routine of writing about what's happening on the field, and I cannot wait for the season to kick off.

Couple quick notes:

- Barber and Lynch both went way earlier than expected in my fantasy draft and I ended up with Frank Gore with my first pick. Now I have an RB from an offense featuring JT O'Sullivan as its starting QB. That can't be a good sign.

- Georgia head coach Mark Richt said he hoped to have all depth chart issues figured out by today, so I hope to have that info for you this evening.

- The SEC is holding a teleconference for media this afternoon to announce a deal with ESPN. I'll have that info for you, too, at the conclusion of the conference.

On to today's links...

* Fanblogs wonders if Georgia would get all this hype if it weren't a BCS team. I say that's a stupid question. If the Dawgs weren't a BCS team, they wouldn't have six top-25 teams on their schedule.

* UGA lets us know about the Mark Richt Bowling Challenge and the schedule for Breakfast with the Bulldogs.

* USA Today has a story about wood vs. aluminum bats that features Gordon Beckham.

* The Sporting News previews the Bulldogs.

* Interesting post from Bleacher Report on why "system QBs" fail in the NFL.

* Some stories about 1980: Chip Towers compares this year's team to that one, then chats with Buck Belue, and Herschel Walker made a stop in Macon.

* And finally, the AJC's Tony Barnhart makes his BCS predictions. I'll have my own later this week, which will be sure to be nowhere close to accurate.

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