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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Practice Notes (8/27)

After practice, Mark Richt was at a loss for words and, by and large, the reporters were at a loss for questions.

Basically, it's all been asked. And for poor Coach Richt, it's been asked and asked and asked and asked again. In fact, he said he's even boring himself at this point.

So long story short: We're all excited for Saturday.

That doesn't mean that no news came from Wednesday's practice, however. A few quick, if not particularly important, notes:

-- Coach Fabris still has not selected a punt returner. He said he has as many as a half dozen guys in mind. At practice today -- during the early sessions at least -- it was Asher Allen, Carlton Thomas and Tony Wilson practicing at punt returner. Allen's presence there sparks an interesting debate: Would the team be better served with him at PR instead of KR? Ramarcus Brown seems to have a good handle on KR duties if Allen were to make the move, though Fabris said having a corner as your PR isn't an ideal situation.

-- Fabris also said he has no idea how the DE rotation will shake out. Jeremy Longo will definitely not be part of it due to his injured hand (he may be in line for a redshirt) but at least six other players could see time Saturday.

-- One DE who won't see the field Saturday is Neland Ball, who Richt said would miss the game with a hamstring injury.

"(Trainer) Ron (Courson) is hoping Monday he'll be able to go, he'll practice, and I hope by next week he'll be able to play, but I wouldn t even predict that," Richt said. "We'll try to work him in as soon as we can, but it's not going to be this week."

-- Bryan Evans is currently listed as the starting corner opposite Asher Allen, but he said he hasn't been told for sure he'll start the game Saturday.

-- Willie Martinez wouldn't say if Darryl Gamble would get the start at Will on Saturday, but it looks more and more likely. Martinez praised Gamble's versatility and said the sophomore would likely see action at all three LB spots this season.

-- Richt also discussed his escape plan from Athens after the game Saturday, when he hopes to make it to Atlanta to watch his son's first game as a member of the Clemson Tigers. Richt said it sounded like Jon Richt would dress for the game. He also hinted his wife, Katharyn, could abandon water girl duties to make it to the Clemson-Alabama game on time.

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