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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Injury Updates

The news doesn't look good for DT Jeff Owens. He had an air cast around his knee and was on crutches after the game. Head coach Mark Richt said no X-rays had been taken, but he seemed to concede it looked bad. Clearly upset, Richt said he spoke with Owens after the game and said, if it is a season-ending injury, "at least we the rest of the year to hang out together."

The news is better on other players:

- WR Kenneth Harris has a sprained ankle and could be back next week.

- DT Kade Weston, who didn't play today, could be back for the South Carolina game. BTW, DeAngelo Tyson got work in and looked decent.

- Knowshon Moreno left the game after scoring his third touchdown. He pulled up and grabbed his leg, but it was simply some soreness from dehydration. He said he was fine immediately afterward, but coaches were taking no chances.

- Safety Andrew Williams missed a series after an injury, but returned to action.

- WR Kris Durham injured his shoulder, but said he would practice Monday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw where they said we may get a medical red shirt for Owens. Why would any sane person come back for a fifth year to risk being injured again. You might as well get healthy and go for the pros. Some money is better than no money.