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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Links 8/3

Bleacher Report breaks down Georgia's QB position. All due respect to Joe Cox, but if the position needs to be broken down much further than Matthew Stafford, the Bulldogs are in trouble.

Also from Bleacher Report, McLeod Neale wonders if, in the wake of the recent arrests, leadership is an issue for Georgia. I think it's an obvious question given what's happened in the past nine months, but I also know Mark Richt's top priority each season is finding real locker room leaders, and he's yet to fail at that mission.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press's David Paschal has five key questions facing Georgia as the season gets set to kick off.

ESPN has two lists of the "most clutch" players (HERE and HERE ), and neither contain Mr. Stafford or Mr. Moreno. Personally, I think "clutch" is simply a combination of ability and opportunity, and UGA's stars will have plenty of both this year.

Gator Country wonders just how much Florida fans hate the Bulldogs this year. As a fan who has been on the wrong end of many of rivalry over the years (I'm a big Chicago Cubs fan, if that tells you anything), if the other team's fans are talking about how much they hate you, you're doing something right.

While we're on the subject of Florida, Fox's Brian Perkins discusses a scenario that illustrates just how big Georgia's matchup with the Gators will be this year.

And, sadly, more coverage from this weekend's arrests from ESPN , the AJC and the Athens Banner-Herald.

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