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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jake Scott is a Hall of Famer

Former Georgia safety Jake Scott has become the 16th former Georgia player or coach to be selected to the College Football Hall of Fame, it was announced on Tuesday.

Scott will be inducted on Dec. 6 in New York City. He played at Georgia from 1967-68 and went on to a sterling pro career, earning MVP honors of Super Bowl VII.

Some other members of the 2011 induction class include Deion Sanders, Eddie George, Russell Maryland and Lloyd Carr.

This is what Vince Dooley said about Scott in a release:

“I’ve been asked many times who was the greatest player I ever coached. I always said that Herschel Walker was the most productive player, but the most gifted all-around athlete combined with the love and determination to play the game was Jake Scott.”

Scott, a Greenwood, S.C. native, was a member of Georgia’s SEC championship team in 1968. He twice led the league in interceptions, and in 1968 also led the league in punt return yardage. He still holds the SEC’s single-game record for interceptions touchdowns, two against Kentucky in 1968.

Scott joins the following former Georgia players and coaches to earn induction: Glenn “Pop” Warner (inducted in 1951), Bob McWhorter (1954), Frank Sinkwich (1954), Charley Trippi (1959), Vernon “Catfish” Smith (1979), Bill Hartman (1984), Fran Tarkenton (1987), Vince Dooley (1994), Wally Butts (1997), Herschel Walker (1999), Bill Stanfill (1998), Terry Hoage (2000), Kevin Butler (2001), John Rauch (2003), and Jim Donnan (2009).


Bulldawg said...

Jim Donnan? What? Why?

IveyLeaguer said...

This induction is way late, but I'm happy for Jake that it's finally here.

Jake Scott is one of the greatest Georgia players ever, and certainly the best safety. That's saying a lot because Charley Trippi played safety, and he is likely the best all-round CF player ever (he also played Wingback, HB, QB, etc.).

Like all truly great safeties, Scott was smart and had great instinct. But he had more of all that than any safety I've ever seen play. And boy could he make plays, leaping one-handed interceptions were no big deal. And of course he knew what to do with the ball in his hands.

All this and he only played 2 years. Had he come back for his senior year, he would be much better known than he already is.

Joeski said...

I think Donnan's induction was based more on his success at Marshall-- leading them to 4 I-AA championship games and winning one, as well as the fact that he won 4 bowls in 5 seasons at UGA. Also, he really turned around programs pretty fast, and you can't argue with 104-40-1 record.

Not saying that I agree he belongs in the Hall of Fame, necessarily; probably more the Hall of the Very Good, but I can understand why he's in.

Andy said...

Seth (or anyone that knows), can you tell me what are the qualifications to be considered for induction? I'm particularly interested on how long a player must wait after leaving college to be considered for the HoF. I would think some more recent players may be up for consideration soon (i.e. Pollack, Greene, Champ, and don't forget Quincy Carter).

Bob said...

Having attended UGA with Jake it was great to hear he had been elected. He was a crazy MF and a wild man. It has taken him a long time because he really didn't care if he got it. He got screwed for years by Miami because he got pissed that they gave Dan Marino number 13. He did finally get on the Miami ring of honor just last year. He also didn't show up at the Super Bowl when they honored the past MVP's and he will probably not ever get in the NFL Hall of Fame even though he was a great safety. He could care less, he live the sweet life in Hawaii.