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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Recruiting: Georgia looks ahead at quarterback

We don’t normally weigh in every time Georgia makes an offer to a recruit. But this is a good chance to catch up on the future – the way-ahead future – of the team’s most important position.

Camden County’s Brice Ramsey was given a scholarship offer from the Bulldogs this week. Thing is, Ramsey is a rising junior, not a senior. And it appears Georgia is pretty much skipping past the 2012 class when it comes to the game’s most important position, and eyeing the 2013 class.

That doesn’t mean Georgia won’t sign any quarterbacks next February. It could get one to provide depth, and they wouldn’t turn away a five-star stud if he fell into their lap. But it doesn’t appear that the staff is eager to invest a ton of recruiting energy into a 2012 quarterback.

The thinking is that while there are only three scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, they’re all young: Aaron Murray is a redshirt sophomore, Hutson Mason is a true sophomore and Christian LeMay is a freshman.

And if the team gets in a pinch, it always has Nick Marshall. The incoming freshman is going to be a cornerback, but he played quarterback at Wilcox County, and has a pretty good arm.

Georgia is also making a calculated decision about the relative strength of each recruiting class. The top in-state quarterback for next year is Greyson Lambert of Jesup. But at this point it looks like Lambert will be going elsewhere, unless he shows up in Athens and pleads his heartfelt desire to be a Bulldog. Considering he could play somewhere else sooner, that’s not likely.

Meanwhile, the 2013 class in Georgia could have as many as five Division I quarterbacks, the experts tell me. So the Bulldogs could sign a second quarterback to guard against any depth issues, but their main target has now been revealed.

Ramsey, who is 6-foot-3 and 197 pounds, hasn’t actually started a game yet at Camden County. But the Bulldog coaches have liked what they’ve seen of Ramsey in camps and workouts.

This is also the point where it bears mention that those coaches – Mark Richt and Mike Bobo – aren’t guaranteed to even be at Georgia past 2011, much less 2013. But they have to plan ahead anyway. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Yes, they’re taking a slight risk for themselves – or whoever is coaching – by heading into next year with only three scholarship quarterbacks. But they survived last year with two, so why not?


Andy said...

I don't think it is much of a risk, Seth. As you said, we have three QBs and Marshall if we need him. And they are all young. How many scholarships do we need on the position?

Ralph said...

If memory serves, we didn't sign a QB the year after Stafford, and down the line that led to a year of Joe Cox. QB is such an important position it seems like you always need strong competition there.

Andy said...

LeMay is a year behind Murray, and will most likely be two if he redshirts this year. Also, Murray will probably be a 5th year senior and won't leave early like Stafford. So any QB we get in the 2013 class will have a year in the program before Murray leaves. I don't see a Joe Cox situation happening again any time soon.

Mateo said...

Remember, folks. Joe cox was an elite 11 QB too (coming out of high school).

BuLLdawg said...

"Mark Richt and Mike Bobo – aren’t guaranteed to even be at Georgia past 2011, much less 2013."

"Yes, they’re taking a slight risk for themselves – or whoever is coaching – by heading into next year with only three scholarship quarterbacks. But they survived last year with two, so why not?"

Posted bySeth Emerson

Is that what you call that ? "Survived last year" when you have to go back 58 years all the way to 1953 to find a year our beloved UGA Bulldogs in fact Lost more games than they Lost last year with 7 Losses.

Doug said...


Yeah, the year was awful, but the QB play wasn't really the problem. I do wonder how bad it would have been if Murray got injured though. It's like we dodged a bullet at QB.

Doug said...

Here is the way I see the QB situation for the next few years:
2011- Murray (Lemay redshirts)
2012- Murray or maybe Lemay
2013- Murray/Lemay (2013 signee redhirts)
2014- Lemay
2015- Lemay
2016- 2013 signee
2017- 2013 signee

It looks just about perfect. I know some kids aren't going to work out, but the next QB is waiting in the wings.

Our Coxian problem was caused by Stafford leaving after three years. Sure, that could happen with Lemay, but the new kid will already be here either as a sophmore or a redshirt frosh.

Small Group said...

Murry did get injured. It was the Auburn game and he was nearly the same when we played Tech.

Small Group said...

Murry got injured in the Auburn game and wasn't nearly the same qb agianst Tech.

Doug said...

Like I said, we dodged a bullet. Murray threw went 15 of 19 for 271 yards and 3 TDs against Tech even with his injuries.

Phil said...

Hey Seth, when are we going to get some new football stuff on the blog? I need a fix!

Thanks for all you do here.

Seth Emerson said...


I was embroiled in Russell Henley's run at the Stadion over the weekend, and am taking today off. I'll have football stuff during the summer, but we've entered the period when news will be sparse and sportswriters are ordered by their bosses to take vacations.