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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A bit more on Ealey

I know I'm late to the party on this, but a couple things on Washaun Ealey:

- My colleague Gentry Estes at was able to reach Ealey on Tuesday. The story is premium, but here's a link.

Ealey confirmed the official version of the story, that it was a mutual decision:

"I'm a person where I want to be a premier back," Ealey said. "If I was to play here, I would have had to share the backfield with Caleb (King) and Carlton (Thomas) also. Then they were going to try to give the freshman, Isaiah, his chance. He probably was going to get some carries at the beginning of the year, too. I just felt like I didn't want to be in that mix of things anymore."

- The long-rumored possibility of Georgia Southern as a destination for Ealey is off the table.

"There will be no contact with Washaun Ealey now or in the future," Rose Carter, a spokesman for Georgia Southern, wrote in an e-mail.

She could not elaborate on the reason why.

"It would not be appropriate for Georgia Southern to discuss any individual considered a prospect, regardless of the decision," Carter wrote.


Russ said...

Word is that Caleb King and AJ Harmon have been ruled academically ineligible for the fall.
Any word on your end?

Seth Emerson said...

Russ, as I said to Phil on the previous post, if there's something to report, I will. At this point it's just rumors.

Russ said...

Yea I know it's rumors and I shouldn't speculate. Darn message boards. Thanks for keeping some integrity, Seth.

Scott said...

Oh wow (he says sarcastically rolling his eyes), running back by committee... oh friggin' joy!

I am getting real annoyed by running back by committee shtick. I was there when we won the National Championship in 1980 and we had a running back committee of ONE!

When asked about the number of carries he had, Herschel Walker answered, "No sir, the ball ain't heavy."

It is really time for Georgia to go back to having one primary back that carries the ball on 80-percent of the running plays with a quality backup. Anything else is running back by committee that hasn't worked thus far.

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again looking for a different outcome. Maybe we need to stop trotting out the same coach over and over again if we want a different outcome!

Phil said...


It's easy to have a RB committee of one when you have THE GREATEST COLLEGE RUNNING BACK EVER running the ball for you.

When you have a RB roster filled with mediocre RBs, you have to improvise.

I'm no fan of RB by committee, but I see the need for it. (Except when they run Carlton Thomas up the middle...that's just silly).

Todd said...

Washaun needs to grow up and realize you become the premier back by earning it. To make a statement like that when he can't even stay out of trouble is a joke. UGA doesn't need quiters, we need competitors. Goodbye, Ealey. I hope you grow up and become successful where ever you end up.

Jimmy said...

Obviously, someone wasn't paying attention to Knowshon's last season in Athens.

Joeski said...

I'm particularly amused by Scott's comments. I guess he thinks that the coaches of the last two national champions (Auburn w/McCaleb & Dyer, Bama w/Richardson & Ingram) don't know what they're doing...

That said, the only real downside to this is that we have one less game-experienced RB in our stable. You can argue that he fumbled at critical times, or that he came up short in big games, but he had at least been in the fire of an SEC conference slate.

I'm not overly worried however; ultimately, it's just a game, and after the season, I'll still bleed Red & Black.