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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Updates on Ryan Harrow and Kevin Ware

There’s been a lot of talk and attention on Kevin Ware, the former Tennessee signee who is now a free agent and considering Georgia. But Ryan Harrow – the former N.C. State guard who is transferring – seems a better shot to end up in Athens.

That may be a good thing for the Bulldogs, even though Harrow's arrival would happen a year later than Ware. Harrow, a graduate of Marietta’s Walton High School, will have three years of eligibility remaining after sitting out one season per NCAA rules.

Harrow said Wednesday that Georgia is among the five schools he plans on visiting. The others are Kentucky, Louisville, Texas and St. John’s.

“It’s good to still feel wanted,” said Harrow, who averaged 9.3 points and 3.3 assists for N.C. State as a freshman.

Harrow said he wanted to make a decision by the end of June so he can enroll in summer school. He got his release from N.C. State last week.

“I don’t really have a favorite right now,” Harrow said.

Harrow said he hasn’t spoken lately with Ware, his former AAU teammate on the Atlanta Celtics. Ware, the senior at Rockdale County High School, tweeted on Tuesday night that his top five schools in “no order” were Kansas State, Kansas, Georgia, UCLA and Louisville.

The question is whether Georgia’s interest in Ware is mutual.

It’s not a scholarship issue; the team has room even though it just signed its fifth recruit for the 2011 class.

But Ware has now already signed and then been released by one school (Tennessee), and committed and then reneged quickly on another (Central Florida) after the New York Times reported on potential NCAA issues there. So you have to imagine that Georgia is doing its due diligence on the situation.

It’s also not as if there’s a dire need for a guard on next year’s team: Gerald Robinson and Dustin Ware are back. But they’ll be seniors, so the team definitely needs backcourt help for the 2012-13 season – when Harrow would be eligible.


Lawrence said...

I hope we get one of them. Harrow v. Ware seems like Harrow has a slight edge there. He proved as a freshmen in the ACC he can play. I hope we get either, but my vote would be Harrow. Him sitting out next year is not a big deal obviously as we have two good point guards and a 5 star shooting guard coming in. Harrow could perfectly slide in to ease the loss of Ware/Robinson next year.

I am sure the commentors will yell about Ware, etc. But the kid hasn't done anything wrong that I am aware of, other than associating himself with a recruiter that he didn't know anything about. Not his fault, would love to have him. Would rather have them both than some of these obsure 6'10 dudes who probably won't make a difference (hope I am wrong).

Philip said...

Harrow went to my high school (now I'm at UGA). He makes magic happen on the court. Now I've always wondered if this ability would translate to college and I believe it will, though obviously not quite as well as in high school. I'd love either one and honestly can't choose who I'd rather have but I will trust Fox to put in the work where needed.
I would really love to see Shaq Goodwin come our way. I agree all these 2 star big guys could be trouble if they have to play big time minutes.

Redcoat98 said...

If that's the case, I also went to your high school. Go Raiders and go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

It will do Harrow some good to sit out a year and mature physically. He has a very frail build at this point.

Bulldawg said...

I too went to Walton and therefore prefer Harrowing. Go Dawgs and Raiders!

coreyugacubs9 said...

We better atleast get one of these guys