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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Have $2 million to spare? Richt's lake house available

This isn’t a major thing, but in the dog days of the offseason everything may seem that way. So I thought I’d pass this on.

The web site SportsbyBrooks has posted an item about Mark Richt putting his house on Lake Hartwell up for sale. Richt just purchased the house a couple years ago, and is now asking $1.99 million for it.

Brooks (a UGA graduate) writes:

Normally I don’t subscribe to a coach putting a home up for sale as a sign of anything, but in this case, it might be applicable. …

Richt doesn’t strike me as a guy out to flip houses, so I think it’s reasonable to surmise that last year’s 6-7 record - and the subsequent outcry emanating from Athens - may have something to do with the coach making over his real estate portfolio.

UGA spokesman Claude Felton shrugged off the report, indicating that Richt’s desire to sell the house was a fairly open secret.

“He’s actually been thinking about doing that for a couple months, I do know that,” Felton said.

Richt and his family still have their main house in Athens, so the lake house is more of a retreat. Plus, lots of other coaches keep lake houses far from home; Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech) and Ralph Friedgen (formerly of Maryland) both have houses on Lake Oconee. And obviously they don’t live close by.

So even if Richt were worried about his job – and he probably is – if he really loved the lake home, I would guess he’d be keeping it either way. Selling it is probably more about money, and less about his future.

Of course, given the current housing market, good luck to Richt selling it anytime soon.


TrboDawg said...


A good 'explanation' of this non-story over at the AJC (occasionally they have readable articles) - selling the lake house frees up more money for the Richt's to donate to charity. Of course someone living in LA wouldn't understand that concept.

madams113 said...

Brooks is a butthole.

Why not send an info request to Athens before writing a thoroughly speculative post?

No page hits.

Larry said...

i'm gonna take the liberty of somewhat speaking for richt here and correct you by stating that he is not "worried" about his job, at least not in the sense that most people would be, and i completely understand that his harshest critics say that's exactly why he is in trouble and must go, that he lacks the fire in his belly that the sabans and myers have, and i can't entirely say that i wouldn't somewhat agree with that from purely a uga fan viewpoint, but a man who has the most important priorities in life in their rightful place is not "worried". irritated and on edge due to all of the hand-wringing mainly from within the fringe of dawg nation, maybe, but not definitely not worried. :)

Jimmy said...

Well said Larry..