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Monday, May 9, 2011

Washaun Ealey is no longer a Georgia Bulldog

This isn't the most surprising news, and now it's official. Here's the release that Georgia just sent out:

- University of Georgia tailback Washaun Ealey has been granted an unconditional release to transfer to another institution for the 2011 academic year according to UGA head coach Mark Richt.

"Washaun and I have had several conversations in recent weeks," Richt said. "We both have come to the conclusion that a transfer to another institution would be in his best interest."

A rising junior from Stillmore, Ga., Ealey has played in 21 games including nine starts during his two-year career at UGA and rushed for 1,528 yards (717 in 2009 and 811 in 2010).

Two weeks ago Richt said that Ealey had a long way to go "before he can play for me." This came after Ealey was suspended from team activities for several weeks before spring practice.

Then Ealey missed most of spring practice, along with the G-Day game, with a nagging hamstring injury.

I'm trying to reach Ealey for comment.

Ealey finishes his career as one of the more enigmatic Bulldogs. He showed plenty of talent, including when he rushed for a team-record five touchdowns at Kentucky.

But he never quite pleased the coaches, and had his share of off-field run-ins. He was suspended for one game last year after a misdemeanor traffic arrest.

The news means even more that freshman Isaiah Crowell has a chance to start at tailback, or at a minimum receive a large share of carries. Senior Caleb King, redshirt freshman Ken Malcome and junior Carlton Thomas are the other returning scholarship tailbacks.


TrboDawg said...

It is my sincere hope that this young man is able to get his life on the right track. I wish it could have been in Athens, but it was not to be. God Speed Washaun

Scott said...

Thank you, TrboDawg, for a classy response before all of the anonymous idiots show up.

Phil said...

I wish him well wherever he ends up (unless it's another SEC school).

But like Seth said, this was pretty easy to see coming and is not surprising.

It leaves us with 2 guys with game experience (Caleb and Carlton), 1 guy with playbook knowledge but no game experience (Boo), and one "young pup" with no game/playbook experience (Crowell).

Someone's gotta step up...quickly.

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

Good luck to you Washaun. After "several conversations" with Coach Richt, we know this wasnt a snap decision. Good luck to you whereever you go, land on your feet

bozorn229 said...

This news is kind of bitter sweet, sad to see a kid give up on us but maybe its for the best. Wish you well Washaun... I hope we can get a running back to step up this year!!!

Lanier said...

Where does this mean we are in terms of scholarship numbers for the next class?

Is there any way to pull any late qualifiers into this year's class?

How many true scholarship players will be on the roster come Boise State? 80/81?

Jimmy said...

Well, WE, if this doesn't wake you up, not much will. Best of luck.

lostdawg3 said...

Sad that he couldn't get it straight but wish him well.

dawgjammin said...

Hopefully, King will give good effort, stay out of trouble and get a legitimate shot to get the majority of the carries. He averages 5.2 yards per touch for his career. 271 Touches for 1,397 yards. That includes an average of 3.9 yards per touch his freshman year. He will be our best blocker and best shot at an every down back that does not tip the play call off to the defense. I'd like to see King get about 16-20 touches and Crowell get 8-12 touches per game.

That being said, the first time someone fumbles...sit them for the rest of the game. NO Carlton Thomas!

meansonny said...

I'm with Dawgjammin.

Crowell can get more carries. But he's gonna be behind King to start with, and has to show up from day 1 to earn them.

King and Crowell are the same back, imo. One is going on his 5th year, and the other is looking forward to day 1.

Aladawg said...

Looks like 1-AA or Div. II to me. Otherwise he has to sustain grades for a whole year and that may be questionable as well. While I wish him well, his attitude and commitment were obviously not there. That said, if it was this bad from the outside, it must have been really bad from the inside. Good luck WE, but good riddance too.

LawDawg said...

Good luck to WE. Even with all the drama, it hurts to lose depth at such a crucial spot. Here's hoping (as always) that Crowell lives up to the advance billing. Sic 'em!

Doug said...

I think some of y'all are over looking Boo Malcolme. Crowell will get the ceremonial start against Boise State, but the depth chart is really King, Boo, and then Crowell.

As Crowell learns to block he could easily move up to the starter though.

kc said...

All I know is that Washaun was an 'anti-clutch' player.
He fumbled and missed blocks at ALL the WORST possible times...

have fun at Georgia Southern.

Michael said...

No loss here, honestly.

I just hope he doesn't go to an SEC school and decide to be awesome.