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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baseball update: Where will Georgia play? (Assuming it gets a bid)

The conventional wisdom says that Georgia all but clinched a spot in the NCAA tournament with its performance in the SEC tournament. So assuming the conventional wisdom isn’t wrong, where will the Bulldogs play next weekend?

The NCAA has announced the 16 regional sites. Five of them are from the ACC:
Georgia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida State.

Those would be the most likely destinations if geography ends up being the main factor for Georgia’s placement. (Florida, South Carolina and Vanderbilt were the three picks from the SEC.)

Or the committee could send the Bulldogs to the Lone Star State, which has four regional hosts: Texas, Texas A&M, Rice and Texas Christian.

And if the Bulldogs are sent WAY far away, the possibilities are UCLA, Oregon State, Cal-State Fullerton and Arizona State.

Georgia is likely to be a No. 2 seed because of its RPI rank (16) and performance in the SEC. But given its record (31-30) it wouldn't be a shock to slip to a third seed. That's not too much of a difference, however, given it will be playing in the 2-3 seed game either way.


BuLLdawg said...

What do you mean, assuming the # 16 RPI in the nation, gets a bid Seth Emerson ?

Nothing about Jim Tressel ?

He also did not fling the football around the field, the way Mark Richt does. And, he played defense, unlike Mark Richt. He also won the BCS National Championship 2002, unlike Mark Richt. He also was 106-22, unlike Mark Richt 96-33. He didn't lose to easy opponents, unlike Mark Richt. He had a top record against top-ranked teams, unlike Mark Richt. But, Mark Richt is a Christian and a nice guy. He had a great coaching staff, all of whom remain, while when Mark Richt is let go for failure on the football field, none of his "coaching staff" will remain 1 second. He also was 56-9 the last 5 years while Mark Richt is 44-21. And, so yet another BETTER coach is not there - this makes Mark Richt the # 3 best coach nationally at the same team for more than 10 years. (What hogwash.)

Rick said...

This clown is back? Seth, you will continue to lose views and frequent readers as long as you let this troll post here. That is a fact.

BuLLdawg said...

That is just a personal FLAME, nothing more - and nothing less.

Seth has chosen not to post about Jim Tressel - instead discussing ASSUMING UGA gets NCAA bid, a story now several days old.

It is not that I am a CLOWN or a TROLL, that bothers you - but the facts COMPARING our football coach on the NEWS OF THE DAY :

Jim Tressel vs. Teams finishing in the AP Poll Top 10 :

Won Miami of Florida # 2 for 2002 Consensus National Championship
Lost Penn State # 3 for 2005
Won Notre Dame # 9 for 2005
Lost South Carolina # 13 for 2001
Won Washington State # 10 for 2002
Lost Texas # 2 for 2009
Won Penn State # 9 for 2009
Lost Texas # 1 for 2005
Lost Southern California # 3 for 2008
Won Iowa # 7 for 2009
Lost Penn State # 8 for 2008
Won Iowa # 8 for 2003
Lost Iowa # 8 for 2004
Lost LSU # 1 for 2007
Won Michigan # 8 for 2006
Lost Michigan # 6 for 2003
Won Michigan # 9 for 2002
Lost Florida # 1 for 2006
Lost Wisconsin # 7 for 2010
8 wins vs teams finishing Top 10 with 11 Losses vs finished Top 10
He held his own 8-11, not 3-10 like Mark Richt vs teams finishing Top 10 AP.

Won Oregon # 11 for 2009
Lost Illinois # 12 for 2001
Won Arkansas # 12 for 2010
Won Michigan State # 24 for 2008 by 45-7 by the way
Won Michigan # 18 for 2007
Won Michigan # 14 for 2004
Won Michigan # 20 for 2001
Won Purdue # 18 for 2003
Lost Southern California # 22 for 2009
Won Texas # 13 for 2006
Won Illinois # 20 for 2007
Won Penn State # 24 for 2006
Won Penn State # 16 for 2002
Lost Wisconsin # 17 for 2004
Won Wisconsin # 16 for 2009
Won Wisconsin # 24 for 2007
13 wins vs teams finishing # 11-25 AP only 3 Losses

21 wins vs teams finishing Top 25 AP and 14 Losses

He beat the teams he was supposed to beat, and he nearly held his own vs those who truly were the best teams he could possibly be matched-up against.

8-11 vs teams finishing in the Top 10 AP Poll Jim Tressel
3-10 vs teams finishing in the Top 10 AP Poll Mark Richt.

Seth Emerson said...

Rick, in all due respect, if one annoying poster prevents you or anybody else from seeing what hopefully is solid information, analysis and reporting, then I can't help you.

This is not a blog that happens to be related to a newspaper beat. It's a blog that supplements a newspaper beat. As I've said before, it's not my job to police these forums. It's my job to report and write.

And BuLLdawg, I'm getting ready to go to Destin. I tweeted about Tressel, and since I don't cover Ohio State, I'll leave it at that for the moment.

BuLLdawg said...

College football and this is a football school.

If I have time, Seth Emerson, to write about Jim Tressel, and you have time to write a leave Rick's post here, you had time before going to Destin, to discuss COLLEGE FOOTBALL at this FOOTBALL SCHOOL, whose posters have stated repeatedly on your blog that David Perno should be FIRED for his season this season, again, while he goes to the NCAA despite your discussion ASSUMING UGA GETS A BID.

Bulldawg said...

Ok- ill jump in. And for the record there is no relation with the other poster named Bulldawg.

I have no problem with opposing views. I like the stats the other Bulldawg posts. I am not an unconditional supporter of Richt as some seem.

BuLLdawg to you I would say calm down just a pinch. While ill agree Seth could have covered Dawg baseball a good bit more this spring I think your approach is lacking in tact.

No offense pls to all. Lets focus on what really matters today- Happy Memorial Day.

BuLLdawg said...

Lack of subtlety
I’ll take that as a complement that I lack subtlety, given that my objective on this day is to point out that on the NEWS OF THE DAY, Seth Emerson failed to have 1 word on that, or the Southerner buried in the Yankee Grave from the War of Northern Aggression.

While I by stark contrast, point out Mark Richt is no Jim Tressel.

Bulldawg said...


My only point, albeit apparently inconsequential to you, is why do you call the guy (Seth) out like you do? In other words what are you trying to accomplish?

Oh, and the South will rise again.