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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Georgia-Florida tickets get more expensive

Starting in 2012, fans will have to fork over more for a ticket to what was formerly called the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party. And it could get more expensive in future years.

The UGA athletic board on Thursday approved a ticket hike for the 2012 season. Right now the tickets are $40 for regular stadium seating. They will increase to $60 for 2012.

But the board agreed to table (i.e., discuss later) tickete increases to $70 for 2014 and $75 for 2017.

The University of Florida athletic board had already approved the ticket pricing schedule for the 2012 game, and will discuss the 2014 and 2017 games at its meeting next month.

Georgia cited the ticket prices of other notable rivalry games as a reason for the hike:

Texas-Oklahoma: $110.00
Army-Navy: $115 club/$65.00 priority seating
Miami-Florida State: $70.00
Oregon-Oregon State: $78.00
Michigan-Ohio State: $70.00
Auburn-Alabama: $65.00

In other news, the board approved an additional $727,000 in funds for what it called “student-athlete welfare.” That includes the addition of two nutritionists, a sports psychologist, a training table and a mentor program.

The athletic association’s annual budget for the 2012 fiscal year will increase to $89,952,400. That’s about $5 million more than the current fiscal year budget. The school will be spending $2.66 million more in scholarships, and $1.4 million more in guarantees to non-conference football opponents.

Meanwhile, athletics director Greg McGarity told reporters covering the board meeting in St. Simons that head baseball coach David Perno will return in 2012.


Ant123 said...

So those schools rape their fans so we should rape ours too huh? I would like to think our school has more charactor than those but obviously we don't. Disgusting.

Phil said...

If people want to buy the tickets they'll buy them, simple as that.

If folks are so worried about money they shouldn't be driving to Jacksonville anyway because gas there and back will easily cost more than the tickets themselves.

Ant123 said...

Phil, So you are saying the extra $80 for a family of four is inconsequential.
To many that is enough to pay for the drive home. The point is a public university should not be raping the public it is supposed to serve. Just because there are 40,000 fans that can afford the higher prices does not mean the hundereds of thousands of fans that can not should not be considered also.

Omar Little said...

Actually the extra 80 dollars for a family of 4 is indeed consequential because it could effect whether or not they decide to attend the game. But that's not the issue here.

My main point is that you can't call this "rape" if you are the one asking for it. See what I mean?

You want the tickets.

The people who have the tickets raise the price of them.

You have 2 choices: buy the tickets or don't.

It isn't about whether or not the public school is "serving" folks and being "fair" about it. Going to a football game is not a service, it's a LUXURY.

Those that can afford to buy luxury items buy them, those that can't usually don't buy them. It isn't hard to understand whether you believe it is fair or not.

Plus, UGA and UF are in control of selling these tickets because they are THEIRS TO SELL. If raising ticket prices 20 dollars backfires then they will reduce the price later. But I guarantee that people will by them regardless of the price hike.

Ticket prices are never going to be "fair", which is apparently what you're upset about. The 40,000 who can afford to go to the game will go and the other 100,000 will either watch it on television or do something else. That's just the way it is, you can't please everyone.

Omar Little said...

And yes, I changed the handle to "Omar Little" because 'The Wire' is one of the best shows I have ever seen, sorry for any confusion.