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Monday, May 2, 2011

A.J. Green: Good at football, golf not so much

Athens is home this week to the Stadion Classic, a Nationwide Tour event that runs Thursday to Sunday. And to help promote it, the tour brought in former Georgia football stars Matt Stafford, A.J. Green and Mohamed Massaqoui for Monday's pro-am.

Stafford has some decent experience at golf, as you can see from this video. PGA tour pro and former UGA golfer Bubba Watson is the man giving Stafford some pointers on the driving range.

And then there's Green. The new No. 18 for the Cincinnati Bengals (he announced over the weekend that would be his new jersey number) is going to be a rich man once the lockout is over and he signs a contract. So that means he'll have plenty of money to golf - and to get some lessons.

As you can see on this video, Green's swing could use some work. But at least he has a good sense of humor as tour pro Chip Beck tries to refine his swing.

Thanks to Jonathan McGinty of the Jackson Spalding PR firm, which is handling the Stadion Classic this week, for the videos.


Anonymous said...

When I saw aj out there today he was just riding in the cart and bouncing the balls on the cart path while his group hit. He's rich now so probably figures he needs to learn the rich man's sport. I only saw bubba play one hole. Par three hit his pitching wedge 180 yards dropped it 20 feet from the hole.

Anonymous said...

Stafford looks like Mickelson..same soft body

gastr1 said...

Anon 7:38, I was thinking the same thing--I can't believe Stafford is still as out of shape as he is. He looks a beer bellied frat boy prepping for the intramurals, not an NFL player with a whatever million dollar contract.

Geez, Matt, get yourself a personal trainer, at least.

Anonymous said...

AJ still looks better than Charles Barkley.