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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Call for the mailbag

It's been a couple weeks, and I've already had a couple unsolicited requests. So I'm opening up the satchel - proverbially, I don't actually own a satchel - for your questions.

Possible topics:

- The football team's offseason and continuing roster change. Which apparently are not continuing anymore, according to Mark Richt.

- Anything football-related. (As if you all needed the invitation.)

- Basketball recruiting, i.e. when will Ryan Harrow and Kevin Ware make their decisions?

- The upcoming SEC meetings in Destin.

- Is "Clash of the Titans", the 2010 version, the worst remake ever? (I just watched it last week. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes should fire their agents.)

- Anything else under the sun. Or the moon. Whatever.

All right, fire away, either by commenting below, tweeting at me or e-mailing at


Pl0we said...

Do you think any of the incoming freshman will end up starting in the secondary?

Will said...

Seth, my son's preschool graduation ceremony is tonight, the same night Coach Richt is coming to town. Could you ask him if he will drop by the ceremony after his Carpets of Dalton commercial taping so I can ask him a few questions? Thanks.

Stuart said...

Any idea where we stand with the recruitment of John Theus? Seems like with all the attrition along the O-line Georgia should be at the top of his list. I've read comparisons to Tony Boselli with this kid, and I'm sure Aaron Murray would like the sound of that as well. Think you can pick the elder Theus' brain for some kind of indication where his kid brother may be leaning?

Sam said...

come on Seth, Clash of the Titans is so bad it is awesome. How can you dislike any movie with such quotable lines as "Haha, I'm a god!," "The eye! The EYE!," and of course, "Release the Kraken!" Buy some Kraken spiced rum, have some friends over, drink it whenever the kraken is mentioned in the movie, and then once you are done, watch "Taken," another 90 minutes of awesome.

DawgWood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DawgWood said...

Reading another blog, I saw an interesting topic of Richt and the no huddle offense. It stated that SEC officials were required to hold the ball 12-14 seconds (I think) in between plays in order for the officials to get set. This rule took any option away for Richt to run a no huddle, which he did at FSU. I am just curious since this rule is now gone, why has Richt not taken advantage of this, or will this be seen this year. Seems like an advantage to me.

atlien said...

Two questions: 1. With Malcolm Mitchell being regarded as the #1 CB recruit in the country by some, why are we considering moving him to WR (I know depth is an issue at WR but still...), and 2. Have you seen the tapes on RB Keith Marshall? If this kid is a lock to come to UGA then it seems to me that the Crowell era may not last long as this kid looks faster than any RB I have ever seen on tape.

Bulldawg said...

Preschool graduation ceremony? Really? Sigh. I weep for the direction our country is headed.

riskadvisor said...

I've noticed a lot of these early commitments talking about how Georgia was late in offering a scholarship and recruiting them. How is it that Florida, Auburn, and Alabama can make evaluations and offer scholarships so early, but it seems like we are months behind? It probably doesn't take a rocket scientist to know who the top kids are for 2012.

Clinton said...

1.) So now that we have hit the Debt Ceiling, how long do you give us until our Government implodes.

2.) Since there are only 8 scholarship O-linemen left on the roster (and 3 of them coming off major injuries) which Freshman do you think will see the most playing time this year?

I. Lee said...

Is it bad that the only reason i want the NFL labor talks to be resolved is for my fantasy football league?

riskadvisor said...

Any chance of Yoculan coming out of retirement?

How can I make $200k by not showing results or making improvements at my job? Sorry, Seth, I think I answered my own question here. I need to become a UGA RB coach.

Why do players who get suspended for unspecified violations of team rules? Why not put the violations out there in public? If someone didn't go to class, missed a meeting, failed a drug test, etc. why not just put it out there in public?

Why do different schools have varying penalties for infractions? Is it true that I read that you can have 5 failed drug tests at Florida before you are kicked off the team? Shouldn't the SEC mandate standards so everyone is using the same measuring stick?

Also, the verification word I need to type in for this comment is "peednes". What do you think that means?

riskadvisor said...

And now the verification word is "peeme". Is whoever is coming up with these high today?

sem-ACH said...

Is the SEC-Big East challenge game vs. Cincy at the Steg or a neutral site?

Brandon said...

I'm going to go on record and bet that the new boss on the Office is going to be Andy Bernard, the 'Nard dog (Ed Helms). I think all the people they're wheeling out are just a distraction, although, I would love to see James Spader creepify up the place. Thoughts/predictions?

Dustin said...


What are your plans for Saturday evening? How will you spend the judgement day that will be upon us?

Also, is it Mark Wholers's fault the braves cannot find a dominant closer?

Robert K. Burnham said...

From the white background Blog, in case you don't get over there -
Which Coach's wife do you think will win the swimsuit competition in Destin ?

Brian said...

Would you ever consider owning a satchel? Indiana Jones had one.

Do you have access to the Strength and Conditioning departments files on on the players? I'd love to know which Dawg benches the most, jumps the highest, runs the fastest 40 time, etc.