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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The first of hundreds of preseason all-SEC lists

Phil Steele is out with a very early, and as usual comprehensive, preseason all-SEC team. And it has plenty of Georgia players on it.

Here's the link to the full list.

Five Georgia players make the first team:

QB Aaron Murray
TE Orson Charles
T Cordy Glenn
K Blair Walsh
P Drew Butler

Two make the second team:

C Ben Jones
PR Branden Smith (even though he hasn’t been given that job yet)

The third team:

DT DeAngelo Tyson (even though he’s moving to end)
LB Christian Robinson
CB Brandon Boykin
S Bacarri Rambo
KR Brandon Boykin

And the fourth team:

RB Isaiah Crowell (even though he hasn’t played a down yet)
WR Tavarres King
LB Cornelius Washington (even though he may not even start)

And yes, I used “even though” four times there. But it’s the preseason, you project, and you have some fun.


AppleDawg said...

Though the excuse of "No talent" has been thrown around by people excusing Richt for bad seasons, it is evident that we have a LOT of talent.

No more excuses

BuLLdawg said...

Seems to me, too, that Phil Steele is saying we are playing players at the wrong positions and not playing the players whom he thinks we should be playing at key positions.

Obviously, Phil Steele has waited until AFTER the Official Mark Richt Depth Chart has been provided to EVERYONE - including especially to Phil Steele - and, then Phil Steele is disagreeing with Mark Richt's Depth Chart right down the line.

Playing Favorites, while not playing players at obvious positions they could assist us coming back from this 5-year average of more than 4 Losses a Season.

This, in a nutshell, explains what is wrong with this football team.

I read one blog say as its point yesterday that we should "wait until next year." He said we don't have any talent this season, so wait until the year AFTER this season coming up. Wait until next year, before the recruits even show up on our campus.

Great win by the Baseball Team to move on to the NCAA Tournament with an RPI of # 16.

I have read posters to this blog, by stark contrast, state that our football program over the last 5 years in fact is great at # 23 in won/lost winning percentage with these 4 plus losses average per season over these same last 5 years. Further, they state here that


should be fired for his baseball team this season.

Uh, hmmm...

David Perno has his team in the NCAA Baseball Tournament with their 3rd win in Hoover in the SEC Baseball Tournament.