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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Richt wishes Ealey well, has good things to say about King and Crowell

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Mark Richt just met with a few of us prior to a Bulldog Club meeting here in upstate South Carolina. It was the first time the Georgia head football coach spoke publicly since the news of Washaun Ealey’s transfer, and predictably Richt took the high road.

“You know my only comment on Washaun is that I really wish him the best,” Richt said. “I think that he will find a good place to continue his college career and get his degree and play some ball. And hopefully have a chance to play in the league. He’s a talented guy. He’s a guy that I hope does well.”

So what does that leave at the tailback position? Richt has confidence that someone will emerge. And he had good things to say about Caleb King, now the most experienced player on the depth chart.

“Caleb has become a very dependable football player,” Richt said. “People can have a debate on how effective he’s been. But when it comes to knowing what to do, when it comes to pass protection, when it comes to doing the things that we’re asking him to do, he does a good job.”

King will also be asked to drop a few pounds to improve his quickness.

“I don’t anticipate him being the only one that’s going to carry the ball this year. But I think the goal this year is going to be to work extremely hard on his quickness and his speed,” Richt said. “I’ve got faith that he knows what to do and will compete well.”

Isaiah Crowell is also a major factor at the tailback position. But Richt doesn’t think Ealey’s transfer affects Crowell much.

“I know he’s a competitor. I know he was excited about the opportunity to play early in his career. I don’t think this will really change his approach,” Richt said of Crowell. “I think he knew that there was opportunity at Georgia at the tailback position. That there were veterans there ahead of him, that no one had really nailed that thing down and really established themselves as the guy. And he knows that.

"So whether Washaun was there or not I don’t think it’s really going to change his mindset and change his approach. But if it gives him a little bit more incentive to be prepared, then that’s a good thing.”

A few other highlights from our conversation with Richt:

- The current plan on the offensive line is Justin Anderson at right tackle and Chris Burnette at right guard.

When asked about junior A.J. Harmon, Richt said: : “We had him on our depth chart as the backup at both the left and right tackle.”

Richt also singled out Brent Benedict, who appears to have a good chance to play if he can rehab his surgically-repaired knee.

“He’s definitely not game ready but he went through every practice. He competed,” Richt said. “Ron Courson feels like he’ll continue to get better, get healthier, be able to trigger that foot quicker. That’s what he needs now is quickness. He’s very strong. … He’s the kind of guy that learning won’t be an issue.”

- While the message boards have been awash in rumors of academic ineligibilities, Richt had no news on that. He pointed out that grades don’t come out until Monday, and only “25 percent” of the player’s grades are in right now.

- Other than defensive tackle Chris Mayes, Richt said he didn’t know of any other signees who wouldn’t be able to come to Georgia because of academics.

“Not right now, not at this moment,” Richt said.

- Brandon Boykin and Branden Smith will compete to be the main punt returners, according to Richt. The coach also reiterated that he’d like to get those two cornerbacks more involved on offense.


TrboDawg said...


Thanks again for the great, timely and ACCURATE information. The primary ability I want my students to leave me with is "know what you don't know" - i.e. don't kill your patient because you assume incomplete data is accurate.

Rick said...

Great report, Seth.

I am looking forward to seeing some reports on Crowell in action. I know there's a lot of hype surrounding him but from what I've been hearing, this kid can seriously play.

I know this has probably already been stated, but when exactly does Isaiah Crowell arrive on campus?

If someone could fill me in, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.