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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Reader Homework Project

OK, consider this prime fodder for anonymous posters arguing about nothing, but how about a conversation starter to kick off our Wednesday?

So, pretend you're head coach and answer these 10 questions that still don't have good answers for the 2010 season…

1.) How much should Aaron Murray throw the football?

Hey, Georgia has A.J. Green, and as Mark Richt said… if we're not throwing to A.J., we're not very smart. Add to that an up-and-coming group of receivers and a strong corps of tight ends, and you have the makings of a good passing attack. Well, except for the freshman QB. So, is a balanced offense a good call with Murray at the helm, or should the pressure go to the RBs?

2.) Who should get the carries out of the backfield?

Is a 50-50 split for Washaun Ealey and Caleb King a good idea? Sure they're both good, and both finished 2010 strong. But splitting carries just makes it harder for one guy to get in a groove. But how do you separate the two at this point? King is clearly the superior pass blocker and has a ton of talent. Ealey probably hits the hole a bit harder and finished with better numbers a year ago. So, does there need to be a winner in this battle?

3.) How do you handle the tight ends?

You have two great pass-catching TEs in Aron White and Orson Charles, either of whom could make a strong case to be the starter. Of course, neither are the prototypical blockers. Those jobs could be filled nicely by Bruce Figgins or Arthur Lynch. Of course, you also don't want to telegraph your plays based on which personnel is in the game. So how can this rotation be handled logistically?

(Side note: Yes, I understand that question #3 leads to some hilarious "that's what she said" material.)

4.) What happens if Trinton Sturdivant is healthy?

Hey, who wouldn't want an All-SEC caliber guy out on the field? Well, maybe the answer to that is an offensive line that really fit well together the latter half of last season and returns all five starters. Sturdivant is a total gamble after missing the last two seasons, but his potential payoff is huge. But at a position in which UGA is already pretty set and one that requires cohesiveness among the players -- is the gamble worth the risk?

5.) What do you do with Richard Samuel?

The kid is a freak of nature when it comes to his strength and speed. The problem is… he has never really had a home. So, should he be seeing the field and exploiting his talents at linebacker just a few months after transitioning from offense? After all, he is talented and Georgia is thin at both LB spots. Of course, he's also got a redshirt year to burn and could develop into a stud if given the time.

6.) Where does Darryl Gamble play?

Gamble opened the spring at inside linebacker and seems a good fit for the role. After all, physically he's probably better suited for ILB, and since that's the position that requires the most experience and smarts, he probably fits that bill, too. Of course, Georgia has a much bigger need at OLB, where there are only two experienced players currently on the depth chart. And Gamble faired well as an edge rusher last spring in fill-in duty.

7.) Branden Smith or Vance Cuff?

Smith is a five-star recruit with speed out the wahzoo (sp?) and a ton of up-side. Only, he didn't really do much to turn heads last year or this spring and found himself tied atop the depth chart with Cuff, a senior who has enjoyed a relatively unsubstantial career to this point. The problem? Well, Cuff had a huge spring, turned a ton of heads, seems to have adapted well to Scott Lakatos' new system and out-quicked (yeah, I just made that up) Smith during the spring combine with a ridiculous 40 time in the 4.2 range (which, granted, is dubious, but still well ahead of Smith). Of course, maybe it doesn't really matter if Brandon Boykin plays nickel and all three see plenty of action.

8.) How much action does Smith see?

While Branden Smith is battling for a starting job at corner, he's also a cog in the Bulldogs' offense. Last year, he made mild strides in both roles… fumbling too much on offense, then seeing minimal action on defense. Now that his role on the D is more important and the number of options on O are more significant, should his dual-threat capacity be scales back? With a bunch of hot games early in the season, that question takes on even more urgency.

9.) Which freshmen should play?

It's an odd situation this year for Georgia. There's a lot of turnover on defense, but really no clear-cut jobs for the incoming freshmen. And there are some positional needs on offense, but not any obvious freshmen ready to step in. So… is it worth burning redshirts for guys like Michael Bennett or Garrison Smith or Ken Malcome if their roles will be limited? Is there much point to redshirting anyone anymore?

And last, one question about the head coach rather than for the head coach...

10.) What happens if Georgia loses to Florida?

I'll be honest: The Mark Richt-on-the-hot-seat talk annoys me as much as anyone, and I don't really have a dog in the fight. But the best argument the Richt-haters have is this: 2-8. That'd be Richt's record against Georgia's arch-rival if he loses to the Gators again this season -- a year in which Florida is widely considered to be weakened after the loss of so many stars like Tim Tebow. So, yes, let's all agree Richt isn't on a "hot seat" this year. But for all the folks still squarely in his corner now… how would you feel if Georgia has a solid year (say 9-3 regular season) but still loses to Florida and falls short of an SEC East title again? How much do those feelings change?

All of this, and I didn't even mention the name Logan Gray. Should be an interesting season.

So consider this a challenge to readers, anonymous commenters and any other bloggers looking for a jumping-off point in the middle of the week in the middle of June in the middle of a 12-pack of PBR. Have at it.


Riley said...

10 questions? It's almost like you're begging Anon to pen a 4000 word manifesto.

As for our offense, they're potentially dominant in the run game so why would you throw the ball too much? I know we have Green, but if you force balance when it's not really there it gives the defense an advantage. Why bother? If you're dominant in something, be dominant.

Redshirt Samuel. Work Sturdivant slowly back into the rotation, and maybe midseason he gets more work. He's been out for a full 2 years, and that's a long time in football.

Charlestowne Dawg said...

1.) How much should Aaron Murray throw the football?

I think that the run game should open the pass. I think it will all start with Ealey and King. The less we put Murray into the position to be the hero (especially early), the better off we will be.

2.) Who should get the carries out of the backfield?

I tend to think it shouldn't be a 50/50 split, but more like a 70/30 split with Ealey getting the bulk of the carries. He has too much strength and too much ability to not let him get a solid number of touches each game.

3.) How do you handle the tight ends?

You might be able to come up with some sort of rotation for the 4 of them. I'd say you almost have to go with a 25/25/25/25 split on playing time to keep from telegraphing the plays (that is unless someone separates them from the pack and our success strongly relies on them being in the game). Sometimes you'll have both blocking TE's in, other times both receiving TE's, and then a combination. I think there is a way to mix it up without telegraphing the play.

4.) What happens if Trinton Sturdivant is healthy?

If Sturdivant is healthy and can play to his full ability, I really don't see how the O-line could be weaker (even if they haven't played together much). He's a beast and I think him being in the game only helps us.

5.) What do you do with Richard Samuel?

Redshirt! It's too much to ask for a RB to learn a new position, as well as a new offense 6 or 7 months. Redshirt him and he will be ready to rip someone's head off by the time he finally sees the field.

6.) Where does Darryl Gamble play?

I'd say if we're thin on the outside and he can make plays at OLB, put him on the outside.

7.) Branden Smith or Vance Cuff?

This is where I feel like Martinez would've played Cuff regardless of whether or not he actually had a great spring just because he was a senior; however, I feel like Grantham will make the decision based on who gives us the best chance to win, and it really sounds like Cuff has earned the spot so far. If so, play him.

8.) How much action does Smith see?

I think this is really up to Branden. Defense should be his first priority, but if he can go on offense and there are spots where we need him, throw him in the mix.

I would only warn Branden and the coaches to have honest dialogue and if he says "I'm gassed" trust that he can't go and needs a breather. On the flip side, if he says "I can go", he should be ready to take it 100 yards!

9.) Which freshmen should play?

Again, I would just say, whoever gives us the best chance to win. If someone is clearly behind and won't play this year, I'd make that the only case to redshirt them.

10.) What happens if Georgia loses to Florida?

Hotseat talk is ridiculous. There is no way we can fire a coach for losing to one team. It's about the entire body of work. Richt is successful at the University of Georgia and there is no one else I would rather have coaching our team.

We would not even have time to hang up the phone from firing him before another school would have already snatched him up.

Kathleen said...

I'm not sure how much I agree with a RB and a "groove". They did a great job against Tech - I think there is a lot to say for not getting worn down. The more we are going to run, the closer it should be to 50/50.

You also can't forget that Caleb was fighting to keep his weight on for much of last season - he didn't eat solid food from LSU until just after the Kentucky game.

With the O-Line issues up until Vanderbilt and then the jaw issue, I still think Caleb hasn't had a full season to show what he can do.

On the other side, Ealey also started last season injured and was on a learning curve.

I think they will both be amazing in the fall.

Ben S said...

2.) In addition to being a better pass-blocker, King caught as many passes as Wooten last season. To me it makes sense to play him in shotgun situations and give Ealey room to run in one-back and I-formation plays.

Kathleen said...

I watned to add.... A lot of these questions make me look forward to fall - what conundrums to have!

... Do we take the Benz or the Porsche?
Do we block with a tank or a wall?

jlove said...

1.) How much should Aaron Murray throw the football?

I think Aaron should be given the chance to throw the ball a little more each game. Start him out against ULL throwing some easy screens and dump passes to get his completions confidence up. By the time we reach the UT game, he should be comfortable enough in the pocket to throw 10-15 times a game with a touchdown or two. Still relying heavily on the running backs, I'd like to see more of a 65-35 split between the play calling, with running being the 65. I don't want Aaron to have to throw more than 20 times a game like Cox had to do so many times; the youngster shouldn't be required to win a game single-handedly, at least not yet.

2.) Who should get the carries out of the backfield?

Ealey is more explosive as a runner. Caleb is more experienced and seems to be a little more dependable. Lets not forget Caleb played through a broken jaw last season and was still one of the top backs in the conference. It's impossible to keep them both off the field, so a 50-50 split will ultimately be necessary early in the season until one of the two establishes himself as the unchallenged starter.

3.) How do you handle the tight ends?

You've got to keep Orson on the field. I think his freshman highlights are enough to tell you why thats important. I don't think though, that there should be two pass catching TE's on the field at the same time. Put our best blocking TE in there with Orson, and let's see what kind of magic can happen. If that doesn't work, we can swap around the personnel until we get the right mix. We do have plenty of talented TE's; enough to split the position down into two sub positions.

4.) What happens if Trinton Sturdivant is healthy?

If he's ready and healthy enough to play, I say let him push for the weakest spot on the line. Otherwise our line is already well established and any more tweaking could be fatal for Ealey and CK4.

5.) What do you do with Richard Samuel?

I think because of the position change a redshirt is necessary. We need to save him so that he can come out next year ready to possibly start at his position. As right now, it doesn't look like he's going to make it to the field.

6.) Where does Darryl Gamble play?

(read more at link, click my name)

NCDawg said...

We won't know any of these answers until we get through the summer and start the season, but since when do we let facts get in the way.

1) Murray throws - moderate and safe early on, hopefully slingin' it like an All-American stud by seasons end.
2) RB's - 60/40 Ealey/King until a stud emerges. Pass blocking will be critical, especially early on.
3)TE's - 60/30/10 (Charles/White/Figgins or Lynch). Feels like a waste of TE talent, but they can't all play at once.
4)Trinton - Trinton has been around enough to rotate and maintain cohension. Keep blockers fresh, especially at left tackle.
5)Samuel - He's got to learn the position. Maybe not his fault he's been moved around, but it is what it is.
6)Gamble - ILB, maybe some rotation to OLB in run situations.
7)Smith/Cuff - I trust in Lakato, I don't know enough about secondaries to do otherwise.
8)Brandon - D and kick returns. We need a new "secret" weapon for those special plays.
9)Freshmen - Get Hutson Mason playing time early. He's one injury away from starting.
10) Fla. - Write-off the last 2 years. Tha Dawgs signature D was in decline. However, going forward, we must regain Jacksonville. As past coaches have said, it doesn't matter what you do if you don't beat Florida and Ga. Tech.

Anonymous said...

(Slightly) Off-topic: Do we have a scholarship available for Jarvis Jones? (It felt like we'd been giving some of the "extra" scholarships to walk-ons after the signing period came to a close.) In fact, wouldn't this (more than any other factor) be a reason USC won't lose as many juniors, seniors, and signees as we initially thought: Aren't other teams' rosters already pretty much set/maxed-out, scholarship-wise?

David Hale said...

No there are 2-3 scholarships available by my math. Pugh/Mett/Fields/Montez all departed or never arrived and UGA already had one extra (at least) after signing day. So even with the schollies for the walk-ons, there should be a couple left to use.

Nate said...

Here's my take:

1.) How much should Aaron Murray throw the football?

Aaron Murray should throw the ball as much as he feels comfortable. Give him a few games to get used to the speed of the game and the crowd noise, and I think he will develop into an efficient, accurate passer. If not:

2.) Who should get the carries out of the backfield?

A quality running back tandem should never be squandered. It doesn't make sense to turn one of these guys into a featured back when they both have tons of talent; not to mention the fact that their talents lie in different facets of the game. I think you have to start out with a 50/50 split, but if one guy gets hot during a game, you have to keep him in for a bit.

3.)How do you handle the tight ends?

This position may have the most exciting (to me) possibilities of the entire team. I would love to see some 4 WR sets with Orson in them. Artie Lynch might be the most versatile of the group; and you can't forget about Figgins and White, either. I think with the lack of depth at wide receiver, you have to use Charles as an option on occasion, but still factor him in the rotation. I would say maybe a 30/25/25/20 split with Lynch or White getting the 30 and Orson getting the 20 until someone really starts to stand out.

4.) What happens if Trinton Sturdivant is healthy?

Nothing. You don't want to compromise what this OL unit has going by adding someone, however talented, to the mix that hasn't played in two years. I say keep him a luxury.

5.) What do you do with Richard Samuel?

Sit him, wait for him to develop, and if he doesn't then Redshirt him. He's obviously got huge potential, but he's been misused from the get go. Give him some time and he could be really special.

6.) Where does Darryl Gamble play?

I think you can afford to bounce him around a bit. See what combination feels right. If our 2nd string guys at OL start to develop, then he should absolutely be inside. If that doesn't happen, then OL has to be an option.

7.) Branden Smith or Vance Cuff?

Hopefully both can see significant action. But if Cuff plays the way he practiced in the Spring, I think he has to be your starter.

8.) How much action does Smith see?

As much as possible. Who really knows how it will shake out on D, but if Cuff ends up as your starter then I think we should see if Smith develops at some Offensive positions as well.

9.) Which freshmen should play?

I don't think any of these guys are going to be hurting themselves or the team by Redshirting. On the other hand, if it looks like they can have a meaningful contribution then they should certainly be given the opportunity.

10.) What happens if Georgia loses to Florida?

The same thing that happens every year. 9 or 10 (or 8) wins and a decent bowl game. You know what though? This team just feels different. I say that purely from a fan's perspective because I don't have the opportunity to get to Athens very often and I'm certainly not involved with the team in any way. But this just feels like turning a corner to me. Maybe it's the changes to the coaching staff or the fact that we have a fresh guy at QB for the first time in 3 years. I don't know. It just feels different. Does that mean we'll beat Florida? Hell no. We have the talent. But we've had the talent 7 or 8 times out of the last 10 years. We have a lighter schedule. But we had talent and a light schedule in 2006 and that didn't help. It has to be a mental thing, and this team just might have a different mentality than we've had in a while. Or maybe not. We won't know until this team comes under fire for the first time. But keep in mind, as bad as things got last year, the team had a lot of fight. That was new. Combine that with the right attitude and some fire from the coaches and we might actually turn that corner.

NCDawg said...

Kathleen, I understand your reasoning for a 50/50 split at RB, and to keep fresh legs there will be some rotation. However, once a leader emerges, Richt prefers (and I agree) to get the running back slathered up.

Anonymous said...

NO. 5
David, I love Richard Samuel and appreciate his team attitude, but I can't help thinking "Brandon Miller......Brandon Miller......Brandon Miller" Hope I'm wrong.

Woolly Butts said...

David et al., I'm coming too late to this discussion to add much. But as a Lane Kiffin hater, I have checked the LA Times in the wake of the sanctions to USC. Their USC page is and it's an interesting read. Mike Garrett, former USC RB and now AD, is looking like an idiot, saying things like USC is still every football player's wet dream (in so many words) and that the sanctions are the result of envy. Meanwhile, here are some headline stories at the page:

T.J. Simers: Mike Garrett continues to embarrass USC
Trojans had their 'heads in the sand'
Pete Carroll's USC legacy: No simple answers
Pete Carroll, Will You Please Shut Up!
Reading the Crystal Ball and USC's Troubling Future: A Tale of Misery

I wouldn't be shocked to see Garrett get canned over the football and basketball (OJ Mayo) scandals in the last 2 years. Kiffin is his guy. So if Garrett goes and--I almost said a more professional, but as Tony Barnhart says in his 5 questions column today, the problem is that it was a professional culture at heart--so, if a less boosterist AD comes in and cleans house, how long will Kiffin last? And what great job will he then be handed?

David Hale said...

Good points, Woolly. And what's ridiculous is that, at least in the case of Mayo -- didn't we ALL see this coming? And in the case of Lane -- don't we ALL have a pretty good idea of what's in store?

Anonymous said...

1) wait for the defense to load the box. Throw in the occasional surprise deep passes to AJ to keep the D honest.

2) 50/50. I think that the Cadalac William / R. Brown. model from Auburn is underused. Meaning, play both and use the players' unique strengths. They were unstopable together and their Ocoordinator used them flawlessly.

3) Mix it up. Be creative with sending orson charles out as a big slot WR. Create mismatches!

4) carefully rotate him into the mix.

5) Redshirt unless he is at genius level of picking up the defense. all the athletic ability in the world doesn't make you a good defensive player (B Evans). You have to be a smart player to be an effective defender.

6) Wherever he is needed / most effective.

7 / 8) He will be great. Let him play his way into the starting rotation. He is only a Soph.

9) Impossible to tell at this point.

10) Nothing. I get the sense that Richt is building again and that the program is on the upswing. The entire season and how well the team performs overall is more important that the one game. Are fundamentals better this year? Was is close well played game? Did we beat GT? Etc.

Paul said...

I am an unabashed CMR fan. Love the man. Would not fire him if he only won three games this year. But one of theose games really neeeds to be Florida. Otherwise he's in for a heapin' helpin' of hatin' coming from a whole lot of idiots who know how to make their voices heard. Sad but true I think.

Brian said...


9-3 is not a solid year. We're more talented than 11 of the 12 teams we'll face this year. And have depth and experience in some pretty important places.

It's not logical to suggest UGA SHOULD be UF, but the fact is UGA MUST beat UF and Richt and company need to figure out how to steal that one like Rich Brooks, Paul Johnson, Rich Rodrigues, Mike Gundy and Bobby Johnson figured out how to steal one from UGA.

MenloDawg said...

1. As much as needs to throw the ball. We need to get our best two playmakers on offense involved -- AJ and Orson -- and we need to keep the defense honest.

2. Ealey needs more carries. He was more explosive last year and should be much more explosive this year after a year in the strength and conditioning program.

3. Would it be too obvious if we put Aaron White and Orson in on passing plays and Figgins in when we need an extra blocker?

4. Work him in and rest some of the other lineman for the 11 game stretch we have with no bye week.

5. Redshirt unless we get devastated by injuries.

6. Gamble seems like a prototypical ILB in this 3-4 to me.

7. Cuff. After rewatching some of the games from last season I forgot how good Cuff looked earlier in the year.

8. Smith looks really good on offense and returning kicks, but he fumbles. He doesn't need to be returning kicks anyway if we have Boynkin. He definitely needs some carries.

9. Tough call.

10. I think this year we need to be in a position to play for the SECC when we travel to Auburn. If we're out of the race by that game, then we've had a disappointing season in my opinion.

Otto said...

1) As much as the game dicttes. UGA should be run first with cretive play calling. I would also like to short dump passes like UF has been known for Carlton is a great weapon for that.

2/3) OL has not been a problem. UGA ranked well for majority if not the entire season in sacks allowed. A QB that rolls out and scrambles should only help. As a result a blocking RB IMO should be less important and more 2 TE sets should add to that. Charles is athletic enough to play more than TE.

I agree on the Williams/R Brown model. Borges often had both on the field at the same time. Who carries and who blocks? It makes it interesting for the other DC. Ealey seems to be the more explosive but the back that is hot should get the carries. With that said the RBs should be in long enough to get hot.

4) It is nice to have depth at OL. He gets rotated in and earns more playing time. 2 years out at OL would have anyone rusty.

5) Samuel made some nice tackles on special teams. The 3-4 is new to everyone, if he catches on quicker than the other guy play him.

6/7) I trust the coaches to make the correct call.

8) Up to the coaches and where everything is. I'd like to see more plays if he goes on offense more often. Smith and Logan both seemed to have a short play list last year.

9) We'll see. I think it would be luck to correctly predict that now.

10) I don't see CMR being let go after this year. Bobo may get heat if, the defense and special teams perform and offense does not. I want to see long clock killing drives. Another failed uniform change could turn me against CMR.

At what point do you fire a coach? UT needs to get back to a winning record. UF should be close to/if not 50/50. UK should not be a made for TV finish. Changes have been made and I view this a CMR Version 3 (new DC and CMR more involved on offense) and as such it will take alteast 2 seasons to reivew. The staff on defense looks very promising. Version 2 was Bobo as OC and CWM/Fabris. V1 was BVG and CMR.

I expect the defense to blow coverages in the new system and the QB to make some Fr. mistakes. However, I expect improvement and by Auburn a good team. '06 was somewhat the same, against UF you knew the team could be special if they made fewer mistakes. Auburn '06 everything clicked. I was pumped looking forward to '07. 2010 I want to be pumped looking forward to the 2011 season. On defense look at Bama, Saban's 3-4 year 1 blew some games. Year 2 they played lights out.

Subotai said...


1) 363 attempts as that is the 6 yr. average. Quite frankly, even with Murray's noobness, the O should really go this season.

2) Bobo should exploit the strengths of both players. Platooning worked fine as both gained the experience to really bust loose this Fall.

3) Again, Bobo should exploit the wealth of TE's in every way imaginable. Imagine facing a 4 TE formation with a 3rd & 3 situation as a DC. We find out about Bobo's creative side this season.

4) If he can go, you gain an experienced player. Use him accordingly.

5) Redshirt Richard so that he can really contribute his last two seasons of eligibility.

6) Move him to OLB.

7) Let the winner of the duel start and the loser play nickel/dime.

8) He needs the snaps on D so I'd platoon him. Use him on O for trickerations.

9) Play whichever of the incoming WR's is most ready. Redshirt the rest.

10) Hide!, especially if you are near ME!

Charlestowne Dawg said...

On the Florida situation and these boys having a "new attitude", I have to point to an old post from this blog where Orson Charles was quoted as saying:

"A personal goal is I don't want to have any dropped balls, any missed assignments, I don't want to be butting heads with any of my teammates," he said. "From there, if I've got to sit to have us win, that's all I want is to win. If we beat Florida -- I mean, when we beat Florida -- even if I'm on the bench I'm celebrating like I started. That's my whole mind-set."

He certainly isn't scared of Florida. He seems hungry and hopefully that attitude rubs off on the rest of the kids as well. It didn't seem to help much this past year, but that quote has always stuck out in my mind from the day I read it.

Really though, I watched a replay of the Florida game the other night and didn't realize we were still in striking distance well into the 3rd quarter. A couple of scores (and we were close a few times) and we would've been right back in that game....I just tend to only remember the 4th quarter after the team had pretty much called it a day.

Lee said...

1. In the first game, assuming it goes as planned, I'd give him a ton of reps. The second week we're in the fire, so depending on his performance, I'd try to be a little run heavy. At the time I became comfortable with his decision making, I'd go straight with what's working/what the D is giving...

2. Both. Seems to be working (now that the OL is "fixed") Maybe some sets with both... Make the D respect both as option and they are pretty pass options as well...

3. I'm not sure, but it's a good problem to have. Just don't let the choice tip off your play call (unless you're good enough to tell them what you are going to do and do it anyway.)

4. Unless in the fall he's is much better than what we have, I'd keep the chemistry we finally got last year.

5. Redshirt unless he's significantly better than the competition.

6/7. Defer to the coaches discretion :)

8. Given what we saw last year, give him the ball at least a couple of times a game. Maybe have on a kick or two if Boykin needs a breather.

9. I'll wait until I have hindsight to comment ;)

10. I'll probably have to buy another remote to replace the one I'll inevitable smash (my wife can vouch for these outburts) :)

MoDawg said...

1.) How much should Aaron Murray throw the football?
Let the offensive line and the running backs dictate the pass. With our line and backs, we should be able to pick and choose when to use the pass not only to keep the running lanes open, but also to break the backs of opponents when we get a lead. There’s a lot to be said by “kicking the opponent when they are down”, which is something this program has lacked and needs to regain focus on. He’s got a great arm and release, but may be a year away from D-1 game speed. Putting him out there to throw INTs will do more harm than good.

2.) Who should get the carries out of the backfield?
We should let the better back get the bulk of the carries, ala Knowshon. If one or the other separates themselves, they should be #1, and then #2 would see very little drop off. If we can keep our opponents chasing us, they’ll have little in their tanks near the end of the game when we either need to grind time or bomb away.

3.) How do you handle the tight ends?
All of them can catch. A couple are better blockers than the others. Why not rotate them around in a two tight end set and mix up who gets the ball and who decoys. It would be easy for a defense to key on Charles or White and slide defenders their way and drop a pass across the middle to Lynch or Figgins. Heck, I’d say bring 3 in at a time, use a big guy in the slot, just to keep the defense on their toes. Let’s go to more spread formations this year and use what we have. A one back set with 3 tight ends and 2 WR like Green and King...who the heck are you gonna cover??? I like those odds.

4.) What happens if Trinton Sturdivant is healthy?
You work him into the rotation, but stay with the cohesive starters from last year. There’s a lot to be said for continuity on the offensive line. Besides, it’s nice to have a couple NFL caliber 2nd stringers, right?

5.) What do you do with Richard Samuel?
Unless there is a need to play him this year, I’d redshirt him and let him better learn whatever position he settles into. It’s a given he’s not a D-1 running back. Can he be successful as a “smallish” LB or do we move him to safety using his speed? Redshirt him and save his potential until he knows exactly what to do with it.

6.) Where does Darryl Gamble play?
Wherever he can play. He is a playmaker and needs to be on the field.

7.) Branden Smith or Vance Cuff?
If Cuff has earned it, then he gets the nod. Boykin should never leave the field on defense, so if he comes down to play nickel, then Smith and Cuff have the corners.

8.) How much action does Smith see?
As much as he can, just not returning punts or kicks. He should be less nervous this year and less prone to fumblitis. We need playmakers to make plays and he showed enough last year to prove he’s a playmaker. Play him early and often.

9.) Which freshmen should play?
Anyone on the D line and linebacker position needs to play to get comfortable with the system. No need to burn Malcome’s redshirt unless he’s a stud. Best player sees the field regardless.

10.) What happens if Georgia loses to Florida?
There’s a good vibe coming from Athens this year, and even if we lose to Florida again, as long as we are competitive I think we’ll be okay. I’d love to win, and this would be the year to take the reigns of the series back. We have to figure them out at some point and I believe the D will do that this year. If the offense doesn’t, let’s shake it up on that side of the ball and get some coaches in here that can. The head coach (Richt) is safe either way.

C said...

I agree with Nate.

It's also nice to know that even if Richard Samuel does not play this year for any reason, we will have him and Jarvis Jones learning Grantham's system for a full year before being unleashed on opposing offenses.

Can't wait for the USC game. GO DAWGS.

JRL said...

Most of the comments covered my thoughts so nothing to add except........this is the stuff of great blogs. Engaging - thought provoking and begging participation I love it keep it up.

Nate said...

Congrats C!

You're the only person to agree with me on the Internets. Ever. About anything.