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Monday, June 28, 2010

Video Blog: Murray Staying Strong

Midway through last season, Aaron Murray developed some arm and shoulder soreness that sidelined him for nearly a month and likely kept him from seeing any action on Saturdays. This offseason, he's taking steps to make sure that doesn't happen again, and he discusses his routine here.

As always, thanks to Brandon Spoon for the video.


Ally said...

Just curious who is the guy interviewing Aaron in that vid?

David Hale said...

Anthony Dasher, I believe.

And congrats on the wedding, Ally --- that's one hell of a rock!

Ginny said...

He looks noticeably bigger than he did when he first got on campus. I mean by a lot. Good for him for being so proactive. Maybe this is the kind of stuff Spurrier wishes Garcia would do in his free time.

Anonymous said...


Daniel said...

David I know you are short on time, but if you were working on something to give us dawg fans some hope, please do something on how much FL will miss Charlie Strong and how much we won't. Until proven wrong at Louisville, I have to say he is the reason for our terrible record down there in recent years. Lastly, thanks so much for the articles to read when I come home at night. Fair winds and following seas as we used to say in the Corps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank God he is staying strong! We are all so worried. We still aren't sure if he can take a hit without getting hurt or "gun shy".

Anonymous said...

I tend to think you aggravate a sore arm and sore shoulder missing 21 Fall Practices last year, well OVER A MONTH, by doing too much.

He did too much last year with the sore arm and sore shoulder, after being injured the previous year too.

But, this is baseball season.

David Hale going to cover baseball up NORTH.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares? This was a football post, not a baseball post. Plus GA baseball is done this year and the CWS will be over soon. You're stupid...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I for one love anonymous' random segues. It's funny to see how far he'll stretch a topic so that he can copy/paste whatever he happened to write for whatever other blog since it's obviously so awesome.

Anonymous said...

If David Hale, on the very day The SEC wins our 2nd CWS National Championship in a row, once again has nothing to say about that sport either on this very day. We have won 4 NC in a row in football.

David Hale is leaving here to go COVER BASEBALL up North.

Now, if you think this post is somewhere else (lie), then by God go put the URL Link to where I posted this as the day's news story quite obviously - not found on these WebPages.

For years, this has been the case of this blog. That the day's news is not found here.

Anonymous said...

Okay to me that's just sad if the post isn't up anywhere else. That means you actually wrote THAT in response to an Aaron Murray video.