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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Links (6/14)

A few bits of Web site maintenance to take care of...

The question was asked in my last mailbag about uniform numbers for the incoming freshmen. One more to add to that list: Garrison Smith is rocking #56. I'm hoping to have a full list for you soon though.

And a couple of questions from readers that I was hoping you guys might help me out with.

First, a reader named Michael is a local artist working on a UGA-themed portrait. Here's his question:

"I'm trying to find out if Georgia had a play in the early 80's which had at least two pulling linemen leading Herschel Walker in a sweep around the right end. I would be surprised if they didn't but I want to be accurate and I need to know those linemen's numbers. It could be during any of the three years Walker was at Georgia but preferably 1980."

I'm sure we have enough 1980s historians that we can find a good answer for him, right?

The second question comes from Eric, a longtime Dawgs fan who is moving to London in August.

"I am super-excited about, but wondering (i) do you know of or hear from Dawgs fans there ? Is there place they get together to watch games or (ii) what’s the best way to watch a game abroad – internet, slingbox, etc?"

So... any advice for Eric? Any readers currently living in London that might want to grab a pint or 10 for the game?

And now, on to some links...

-- The Telegraph's Jonathan Heeter is at Pebble Beach all week covering Georgia golfer Russell Henley's first U.S. Open. He has stories today on Henley's dream coming true and a special role for Henley's brother this week.

-- David Paschall has details on how well Georgia's defense is picking up on the new 3-4 scheme, and it's fair to say that maybe there will be a few speed bumps along the way.

-- Tim Tucker is going position-by-position analyzing this year's team, and he starts today with the offensive line.

-- Season ticket prices are way down at Georgia, which shouldn't be a surprise given two straight disappointing seasons.

-- Christian LeMay should learn whether he'll be suspended from school for up to 30 days today.

-- Georgia is in the final two to land former top recruit Jarvis Jones.

-- Team Speed Kills asks a question I've been asking for a few weeks: Why has ESPN spent so little time covering the conference reshuffling talk?

-- Tony Barnhart looks at what we do know and what we don't know about conference expansion. Isn't "expansion" a bit of a misnomer here, too? I mean, yeah, some conferences are expanding. But the Big 12? Not so much.

-- As expected, it doesn't sound like Alabama is going to get any bye-week releif for this year.

-- Chris Low offers some belated love for the 2004 Auburn Tigers, who didn't get a national title in large part because USC was cheating. You know, if the SEC managed to snag Texas and if the BCS stripped USC of its 2004 title, the SEC would then have the past seven straight national champions.

-- FedEx wants to pay a BCS conference to take Memphis. Now that's a dangerous precedent.

Update: Fed Ex is denying that it offered $$ for a conference to take Memphis. (h/t Bill)

-- Travis Fain jumps on the anti-Colin Cowherd bandwagon I've been driving for years. Welcome aboard!

-- "Breaking Bad" has officially been renewed for a fourth season.

-- Talk about a great historical find... evidence that Alfred Hitchcock may have been the first person to use "that's what she said."

-- A 59-year-old woman beat up Bam Margera with a baseball bat. And no, it wasn't a stunt.

-- And finally, Conan O'Brien rocked at Bonnaroo over the weekend. I'll be seeing him tonight at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for The Walker Lever.


EJ said...

There is a UGA Alumni club in London.

Anonymous said...

I'm catching up on the last couple breaking bad episodes right now.

UGA69Dawg said...


My daughter is a bartender at the Fox, Laura, tip generously. She has the starving artist job there.

David Hale said...

Thanks, EJ. I'll pass it along.

And I'll tip generously... but after a long day of working on my beer card @ Pauley's yesterday, I'm not sure how much I'll be using the bartending services tonight. Still feeling less than stellar.

Stuart said...

I wouldn't call this a sweep but at the 3:15 mark is my favorite run football history [youtube xsGJUnZd7fE]

X-Dawg said...

One part of the declining donation $$$ is the insanity of the ticket office not working with AT&T to get back their matching funds donations. BellSouth used to match 80% of any donation to the Hartman Fund. AT&T has a policy to only match donations that go 100% toward scholarships. If the ticket office would funnel all AT&T donations to athletic scholarships ONLY, then there would be a dramtic increase in donations from AT&T Bulldogs. Personally I've decreased my donation by $500 a year, which equates to $1,500 a year that UGA is missing. My wife has worked overtime to bring this to the AD's attention, but it always gets handed off to people who don't (or won't) understand what's going on.

opsomath said...

So glad Breaking Bad is coming back...still disappointed from "Freaks and Geeks." And I'm a chemist, so I have a rooting interest.

Mike said...

David, I’m a big fan of your blog. It has helped me through many slow days at work.

Please pass this along to Eric.

My twin brother and his wife just moved to London in March. They love it, but are still trying to get acclimated to everything. Like me, my brother is a huge Dawg fan so watching the games was one of his primary concerns before leaving the States. He got a sling box before he left and has loved it. He has been using it to watch the Braves games this summer and I don’t believe he has had any issues. I’m sure he would love to watch the games with a fellow Dawg this fall. His email is

Anonymous said...

"Walker told me I have AIDS"

Best. Walker. Lever. Moment. Ever.