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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Video Blog: Murray's the Man

Georgia coach Mark Richt and receiver Kris Durham discuss the advantages and challenges Aaron Murray will have as the team's new quarterback in 2010.

*Video courtesy of Brandon Spoon


Heath said...

The video is showing up as private. I can't view it.

Anonymous said...

Same here.

Brannon (BC REAL) said...

Same here.

David Hale said...

Sorry about that... should be fixed.

Anonymous said...


When are you going to tell Mark Richt that his part-down-the-middle hairstyle is outdated. It looks terrible after a couple of hours under the headset. Tell him that he's old enough for a crewcut now.

I would do it myself but he doesn't listen to me anymore.

HVL Dawg

waller said...

You're grossly mistaken, anon.

The butt cutt is timeless. Also, extremely intimidating.